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Thanks to Falwan for submitting!

Question: Why doesn’t the hungry tiger attack the child?

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  1. poopsicle | Profile

    Q: Why doesn’t the hungry tiger attack the child?

    A: It probably has something to do with the glass between them. You can see a reflection, and part of its nose is flattened against it.

  2. brianu | Profile

    because of the glass

  3. russellnevell | Profile

    The tiger is behind a glass wall.

  4. skree | Profile

    Because of the safty glass.

  5. maikran | Profile

    If someone takes a close look, the nose of the tiger is pressed by something..which is actually a thick glass between the girl and the tiger, isnt’it?

  6. amboutwe | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    They are separated by glass. You can tell by looking at the tigers nose. It appears to be squished into the glass.

  7. ruddwd | Profile

    Because the tiger is behind glass. The discolored nose is pressing against the glass.

  8. Cyberjar88 | Profile

    They are separated by a half-inch of glass.

  9. clark3245 | Profile

    Is the photo photoshopped? The photo looks weird around the tiger,

  10. trogdorfan125 | Profile

    They’re on opposite sides of a pane of glass!

  11. jason | Profile

    because there is a pane of glass between them…

  12. michaelc | Profile

    A pane of glass perhaps?

  13. fuzzy | Profile

    It’s behind a glass enclosure?

  14. iamgrandma | Profile

    she is just a add in to the photo

  15. NitzOO | Profile

    Because there’s glass (maybe Plexiglas?) between them.

  16. stevesteve8383 | Profile

    There is glass in between!

  17. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    ok, maybe its a image on a big TV screen that is behind the child, cool.

  18. gorillo | Profile

    It’s behind glass.

  19. money226156 | Profile

    beats me!!! lol

  20. money226156 | Profile

    i’ll have to think about it!!!

  21. markodiablo | Profile

    The tiger is a vegetarian…

    Or there’s a glass wall in the way :-)

  22. vooght | Profile

    The little girl is on the other side of a glass wall from the tiger.

  23. Kerryn | Profile

    IS it because she is not actually sitting beside the tiger but simply in front of the camera and the tiger is in the background?

  24. Kerryn | Profile

    Actually I change my mind, I think that the tiger is behind glass.

  25. joe | Profile

    he is behind a glass

  26. RK | Founder | Profile

    as mentioned by several of you above, if you look closely, you can see his nose pushed up against the glass. Same with his hand, but to a lesser extent. A bit of a reflection is also there…

    Again, thanks again Falwan for submitting this, it stumped me for awhile!

  27. opshacom1 | Profile

    **Can’t you see…,They’re sharing a secret,who used to be good friends since earlier.**

  28. neutrondisciple | Profile

    Maybe there’s a fiber and transparent glass dividing them or the tiger can just be a wax figure.

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