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Brain Teaser: The Hidden Candle


How can you place a candle in such a manner that every person in the room shall see it, except one, although he shall not be blindfolded or prevented from examining any part of the room, and the candle shall not be hidden?

A bit of lateral thinking is needed for this one-will unmask submitted answers below in a couple days, thanks.

27 Comments to “Brain Teaser: The Hidden Candle”

  1. russellnevell | Profile

    You place the candle the person’s head.

  2. brianu | Profile

    Make the person wear it as a hat.

  3. bilbao | Profile

    I would place it on top of his head

  4. .mau. | Profile

    on top of his head? (if the candle is not lit, attached to his back is ok also)

  5. rachel | Profile

    the candle is on his head..?
    haha this sounds stupid but its only answer i could think of

  6. Migrated | Profile

    Place the candle on the back of one of the observers. That way, he cannot turn and see his own back without the aid of mirrors. Every other person in the room will be able to see the back of the person to whom the candle is attached to.

  7. bigbossSNK | Profile

    Place the candle on the person’s head.
    Obviously, there are absolutely no reflective surfaces whatsoever in the room, not even a shiny belt buckle.

  8. tori | Profile

    Balance it on his/her head? Strap it to their back? Lol!

  9. trogdorfan125 | Profile

    On top of his head.

  10. joe | Profile

    dont know if i am on the right lines but .. on his head?

  11. Jimmy Anders | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    If a candle were placed on my head or back, I’m quite sure I’d be unable to see it, although with my balance, I’d prefer the back!

  12. Bebinn | Profile

    that one is too easy, just put the candle on his head

  13. Sue | Profile

    The person is blind

  14. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    How about THIS!

    The room is completely sealed, no light can get inside.

    There is only one person in the room.

    The candle is not lit.

  15. trunicated | Profile

    Place the candle on that one person’s head. That way, no matter where he looks, he shall not see it (unless there is a mirror!).

  16. fuzzy | Profile

    It can be placed on the top of his head. And there shouldn’t be any mirrors in the room.

  17. | Profile

    Put the candle on the head of the person whom you donn want to see it.

  18. doar823 | Profile

    he is holding it on his head

  19. seelesscacti | Profile

    On his head. I used a bit of vertical thinking… and tackled the problem head-on.

  20. Scott | Profile

    Can you put it on a hat on her/his head?


  21. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Very cool puzzle:

    My first shot in this puzzle is this: draw the candle in the forehead of the person that shall not see it.

  22. michaelc | Profile

    How about on top of the person’s head?

    He would see the light from it, but not the candle.

  23. Obiwan | Profile

    The blind cannot see anything, including a candle.

  24. monkey66 | Profile

    Put it on his head, thought that won’t work if a mirror or other reflective surface is in the room.

  25. jbrat4 | Profile

    Place the candle on the back of the person who should not see it.

  26. gpraghuram | Profile

    Make the person to lie upside down and place the candle on his back.

  27. soumen023 | Profile

    we may choose a blind person. thats one way to do it.

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