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IQ test question: Which figure continues the series?

For this series question, what figure should come next?


[answers will be unmasked below in a day!]

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45 Comments to “IQ test question: Which figure continues the series?”

  1. Falwan | Profile

    Take the two signs seperately…

    the + sign rotates one space ..two spaces .. one space .. two spaces counterclockwise..

    the = sign does the same counterclockwise,but beginning with one space then two and so on…

    So, it has to be # 5…

  2. NitzOO | Profile

    Figure 1.

  3. .mau. | Profile

    (1). Both + and = go round counterclockwise through the eight positions (vertices and mid-size), alternatively one and two positions. After (e), + must move two positions and – one.

  4. bigbossSNK | Profile

    There are 8 possible positions for the cross and the equal sign:
    The position of the cross in the next sequence member is always lagging one position behind the cross in the current sequence member.
    The position of the equal sign in the next sequence member is always diametrically opposite from the position of the cross in the current sequence member.

  5. the_god_dellusion | Profile

    The Answer is the 1st one….can we have more of these…a little harder also :)

  6. marioberges | Profile

    Answer is: (1), the first one.

    Each sign moves counter-clockwise each turn. The number of steps taken in this direction alternates between 2 steps and 1 steps each turn.

  7. Oneiric | Profile

    Figure 1 should be the answer, giving the logic that both signs move on the following basis: 1-2-1-2 on the border of the square.

    Figure a to figure b: + sign goes 2 spaces forward and the = sign goes 1 space forward.
    Figure b to figure c: +sign goes 1 space forward and = sign goes 2 spaces forward.
    And so on.

  8. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile


  9. brianu | Profile

    The answer is 1. Each symbol moves counterclockwise around the eight positions of the exterior of the square alternating between jumping two spots and jumping one spot.

  10. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile


  11. trunicated | Profile

    1. If you think of the square as a 3×3, then you can see that from a to b, the = moves one place counterclockwise, while the + moves two places in the same direction. Then from b to c, the = moves two places, and the + moves one place, both counterclockwise. If we follow that pattern, we see that 1 is the next step using this 1-2 alternating step pattern.

  12. cheddarmelt | Profile

    Oh. Got this one. Each of the characters proceeds counterclockwise. The plus sign moves two, one, two, one, two spaces; the equals sign moves one, two, one, two, one spaces. So the next figure must be the number 1.

  13. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think the answer is the 1, Explanation:
    both symbols go counterclockwise with combined rythim jaja cool–>
    From A to B the + moves 2 and the = move 1
    B to C the + moves 1 and the = moves 2 and so on is a pattern at least the most obvious for me, maybe there can be more answers, cool.

  14. Scott | Profile

    If we assume the red square is a 3X3 grid and the + and = rotate anti-clockwise around the 8 places, we can find a pattern.

    The + follows the pattern “skip two, one, skip two, one” and so on.
    The = follows the pattern “one, skip two, one, skip two” and so on.

    Therefore, #1 is the next step in the sequence.


  15. Falwan | Profile

    oops! for sure it is # 1…

    according to logic.

  16. mimi112 | Profile

    I think the answer is figure 1

  17. RK | Founder | Profile

    good, most of you got this right: 1

  18. Sebastian Roughley | Profile

    I think, on a cursory glance as I’m busy formulising (I made it up, it’s my word…;) a spreadsheet, it is: 3.

  19. | Profile

    fig 1 will be the answer

  20. doar823 | Profile

    well I figured it out but I made it very difficult… both signs are moving counter-clockwise, the + sign moves one spot behind the = sign each shift and the = sign moves directly opposite the plus sign each shift…the answer is 1

  21. tiptop | Profile

    its answer is 1

  22. KINA | Profile


  23. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    5 is the answer, the = and + both skip one center side position and one corner, since this pattern has to repeat and we can not assume another skip point besides that already shown then 1 would not be it for it would change the pattern along with 3 and 4, anwswer 2 is assuming another skip point that is’nt shown. Take what evidence is shown then the pattern gives number 5 as the answer.

  24. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    In figure 5, neither a corner nor a side is skipped, so I don’t think this can be it. If I understand your logic, your pattern is:
    + skips a corner, = moves 1 place
    = skips a corner, + moves 1
    + skips a side, = moves 1
    = skips a side, + moves 1
    Figure 1 would repeat this pattern from the beginning:
    + skips a corner, = moves 1

  25. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    Shaun , Yes number one would repeat the pattern of movement but 5 would repeat the series which is what I thought the answers were pointing at because of answer 2 but I guess that shows how many ways you could look at it and me not keeping it simple. ;-P

  26. Tsopi | Profile

    1(each frame the shapes go anticlock wise.But when the one moves to spots the other moves 1 and then the opposite concluding to 1)

  27. John Ervie Salaveria | Profile


  28. Miodrag | Profile

    1 is the answer

  29. aranyak chatterjee | Profile


  30. crichardva | Profile

    Answer is clearly #5…here’s why.
    The two symbols are rotating counterclockwise around the perimeter of the square. The = sign is moving 1 space, then 2, then 1, then 2. The + sign is always located one step behind the previous position of the = sign. Thus that is the most logical progression.

  31. fafa | Profile

    we have 3 step in each level and we should 2 for + and 1 for = in one time and 2 for = and one for + in onother one

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