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Hidden Object Puzzle Card: Find Bear

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feel free to submit your answers in the comment section below, will reveal by week’s end.

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13 Comments to “Hidden Object Puzzle Card: Find Bear”

  1. .mau. | Profile

    the trunk on the right of the hunter is a (brown) bear upside down.

  2. mimi112 | Profile

    The bear is upside down, on the right, near the snow covered trees

  3. amboutwe | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    It’s the brown area in the upper right side.

    Flip the image so top is bottom and bottom is top to see the bear better.

  4. joe | Profile

    ….why its behind him!…
    Upside down .. the brown bit where the trees are.

  5. jasun | Profile

    the bear is on the right of the hunter

  6. always | Profile

    yep, upside down…the brown area in front of stand of trees

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  8. kxvinu | Profile

    Rotate image 180 degree .Light brown area behind the trapper

  9. Agnes | Profile

    turn it upside down. its brown in color, behind the hunter

  10. edward253 | Profile

    Right side in the trees up side down.

  11. biuoe | Profile


  12. Spotter | Profile

    the bear is upside down under the tree, it looks like a trunk

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