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Run-away-cat! A Picture Puzzle


This cat is in a hurry-he’s running away from another animal.

Can you spot it?

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23 Comments to “Run-away-cat! A Picture Puzzle”

  1. trunicated | Profile

    Upside down basset hound. At least, I think that’s the type of dog… the same kind as Marmaduke!

  2. scottk | Profile

    if you turn it upside down, it looks like a sad dog, with crazy ears. doesnt really count as running away from something if its made of the same material though, does it?
    maybe there’s just a crazy bee in one of the plants.

  3. fuzzy | Profile

    Yep – if you turn the picture upside down, it’s a dog with long ears and a gaping open mouth!

  4. ruddwd | Profile

    The vicious dog that is upside down from the cat.

  5. Falwan | Profile

    Turn the cat upsidedown and you will find the:


  6. MFox | Profile

    Hah. From the thumbnail image, I actually couldn’t see the cat, only the dog.

  7. mimi112 | Profile

    He’s running away from a dog…he’s upside down, it reminds me of Pluto with that ears :P

  8. money226156 | Profile

    it looks like a dog or some animal with its mouth open when you look at it up side down!!! this one was easy!!!!

  9. Adelaide93 | Profile

    What cat?
    All I can see is an upside down dog.

  10. Obiwan | Profile

    Flip the picture 180 degrees–>dog.

  11. amboutwe | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Flip the pic so the bottom is the top and you see a dog.

  12. the_god_dellusion | Profile

    from a dog. if u look at it upside down its a dog with its ears sticking up.

  13. cameo | Profile

    a dog, ears up and mouth wide open

  14. DoodleFish | Profile

    Turn the picture upside down, and a dog appears… cat’s legs become ears, cat’s ears and back become mouth full of teeth

  15. brianu | Profile

    upside down dog

  16. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    jajajaja, this is a new kind of puzzle: twisted jajaja you turn upside down the picture and get a dog; maybe he is running from itself, some psicological background in this picture RK jajajaja, cool.

  17. gpraghuram | Profile

    Turn it upside down to see the dog

  18. Henry sun | Profile

    Flip it 180 degrees and you will see a dog. That’s what the cat is running away from.

  19. st3f | Profile

    Is it strange that, even though it’s upside down, I see the dog clearly but have to struggle to see the cat?

  20. chessvi | Profile

    its a dog and the cat is on the dogs head

  21. frogqueen99 | Profile

    the first thing i saw was a dog… but then i looked to see if i could see a cat. when i first saw the picture, before i got to the real puzzle, was an upsidedown dog.

  22. neutrondisciple | Profile

    TURN the picture upside down, you’ll see a dog.

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