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Strimko for month of May


Strimko-a fun  logic puzzle with 3 levels of difficulty-is created by Peter Grabarchuk and his family.

Every month or so we have a special flash version for Smartkit visitors, along with printable PDF sheets.

The object of the puzzle is to fill in the missing numbers, keeping in mind these simple rules:

  • each row must contain different numbers
  • each column must contain different numbers
  • each stream must contain different numbers

Click here to play Strimko set#5!

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5 Comments to “Strimko for month of May”

  1. the_god_dellusion | Profile

    Really enjoyed this one. was thinking can we have more of these in future…perhaps with 8/9 number…7 was easy enough.

  2. RK | Founder | Profile

    glad you liked it, I’ll let the Grabarchuks know

    thanks for leaving feedback too, when folks don’t leave any comments, it’s hard to tell what’s worthwhile to put up and what’s not

  3. Peter Grabarchuk | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    It is great that you liked this month Strimkos!

    Currently we create Strimko puzzles in four sizes: 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7. All puzzles are created and tested by the humans (our The Grabarchuk Family puzzle group). We’ll see if in the future we’ll be able to create 8×8 and 9×9 Strimko puzzles.

    We appreciate that you like more hard puzzles. I think next months sets will include more challenging Strimko puzzles. I hope you’ll like them too :)

    Thank you and happy puzzling!

  4. the_god_dellusion | Profile

    Glad to hear :)! If you need any more testers i would be happy to help btw.

  5. Peter Grabarchuk | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Great! Thank you! We’ll keep in mind this.

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