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Jigsaw pieces have been floating around here forever now-in the comments section, the header, as intros before some of the flash games-  but strangely,  Smartkit has never once had an actual jigsaw puzzle up! Sometime back in late 2008, it hit me: What’s a puzzle site without one?!

After several months of planning, ready to start rolling out the  ‘Daily Jigsaw’.  Going to start with 2 per week, but plan to have several every week sometime in late May/early June after the new site design goes up.

Instead of plain photos,  hope to introduce you to stimulating pieces of art by some of today’s highly talented up and coming young artists. Furthermore, I think you’ll find we’ve put together one of the best looking jigsaw games on the internet, featuring beautiful high resolution crisp pieces coupled with an extra large playing field.  More features will be added over time.

Our 1st jigsaw puzzle features a provocative piece by 22 year old Danila Belov, who is currently attending the University of Creative Arts in Maidstone. Danila, born in Estonia, is interested in architecture, product design, and illustration.  He has competed professionally in rowing and river canoe, and for the past 7 years has been working his creative magic with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Flash, 3DMAX, and Indesign.  After you’ve solved the jigsaw, you can learn more about the history behind the piece ‘oOoMOMYoO0’- and see more of Danila’s cool artwork- here.

Otherwise, click here to get started playing  Smartkit’s 1st online jigsaw!

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