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The Fall Guy: Cool Brain Teaser


A 50 year old man falls out of a thirty story building onto the ground, and lives.

How is this possible?

Note: There are no giant inflatables waiting to cushion his landing, and he didn’t have a parachute!

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36 Comments to “The Fall Guy: Cool Brain Teaser”

  1. TheMadEgyptian | Profile

    Because he falls out a first floor window of the thirty story building…

  2. Someone | Profile

    Just because the building has 30 story’s doesn’t mean he fell out of the 30th story. He probably fell out of a ground floor window.

  3. Mehmet Karatay | Profile

    He fell out of a ground floor window?

  4. jae113 | Profile

    He fell out of the first floor?

  5. ArliUofC | Profile

    He fell out of the 1st floor of the 30 storey building

  6. Cassyt | Profile

    He’s falling from the first floor.

  7. Ari | Profile

    I’m thinking he fell off the first floor, or even tripped on the doorstep on the way out :D

  8. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    He falls out of the first story window.

  9. scottk | Profile

    first off, how the hell do you fall out of a building. talk about clumsy.

    answer: just because the building is 30 stories, doesn’t mean that he fell from the top.

  10. aaronlau | Profile

    No problem if he fell out from the 1st floor onto the ground. ;)

  11. brianu | Profile

    he fell out of the front door.

  12. LadyInsomnia | Profile

    It says he fell out of a tall building, but that doesn’t mean he fell from the top of the building. He could have fallen out of the first story of a thirty-story building.

  13. Obiwan | Profile

    Several possibilities:
    1. If he fell out of a 1st floor window, he likely would live!
    2. If he fell off the top of a 30 story building, he might notbe hurt, if 29 stories were below ground (lotta sub-basements, huh?).
    3. Is he on a planet in which gravity is 0.05 that of earth?

  14. Sheru | Profile

    He falls while leaving the building on the ground floor itself.

  15. st3f | Profile

    Two possible answers:

    1) He’s English, and a “thirty story building” is one that has thirty tales told about it. A “thirty storey building” has thirty floors. (Just checked the American spelling and it looks like Americans use ‘story’ for both meanings). Oh well.

    2) Nobody said that he fell off the top floor.

  16. Migrated | Profile

    He fell INwards? and onto the ground of the room?

  17. the_god_dellusion | Profile

    the guy fell out of the 30 story building but from the ground floor :p easy one (i hope im right)

  18. Anastasia11 | Profile

    He falls out of the ground floor window.

  19. TomLion | Profile

    My first thought was that he fell out of the first floor.

  20. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    he fall from the level 0 or 1 or 2 with only scraches jajaja, the building could be 100 story, but he did not jump from the top or is it superman jajajaja or it was dreaming jajaja cool puzzle.

  21. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    He fell off the balcony of his ground floor flat :)

  22. joe | Profile

    He fell out of the first floor of the 30 story building.

  23. midnightmuse | Profile

    the building may be thirty stories but if he falls out of the ground floor window, he is still falling out of a ‘thirty story building’ and can survive his fall without a parachute or any inflatables

  24. jordyf | Profile

    he was on the first floor : )

  25. Lucid | Profile

    He must have fallen off out of the second floor of the thirty story building.

  26. exzeta | Profile

    Because he did not fell from the last floor maybe he was in the first floor and he tripped

  27. Falwan | Profile

    On one of the floors,he falls out of his bed onto the ground and-sure enough!- he lives.

  28. davidpw97 | Profile

    He was on the first floor.

  29. michaelc | Profile

    If he fell out of the lobby door on the ground floor, it wouldn’t be such a bad fall. He most likely survive.

    If he fell off the top floor of a 30 story building however and didn’t have something to break his fall save for the concrete, he’s a pretty tough cookie!

  30. RK | Founder | Profile

    Besides the official answer (falling off one of the low floors), there are some other interesting ideas up in the comments that I hadn’t thought of.

  31. kitchen | Profile

    people have also survived some very long falls, from airplanes, etc.

  32. RK | Founder | Profile

    kitchen- I remember seeing a documentary about a guy who’s parachute wouldn’t open. Crashed down real hard into the earth, but somehow managed to survive.

  33. Hendy | Profile

    I’ve heard of surviving great falls too, but there was usually a soft landing place involved. Most buildings are surrounded with hard places.

    Also, being 50 years old he would have more brittle bones than the average person. So he might survive a greater fall, but he may not be in good shape.

  34. jasun | Profile

    he falls out of the fist floor

  35. WonderWitch | Profile

    He was bugee jumping and “fell” out of the window. He never did hit the ground.

  36. briarrose29 | Profile

    He fell out of the first floor window.

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