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Toblerone chocolate was created in 1908 in Bern Switzerland.  The packaging features a triangular prism box marked with red letters against a gold background, and a mountain peak to the left of the letters.

A bear, which servers as the symbol of Bern, is hidden somewhere on the box- can you find it? Submit in ‘comment section’ below, will reveal answers later on this week

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33 Comments to “Toblerone”

  1. Falwan | Profile

    white bear standing up in the middle of the mountain on the left!!

  2. abcbcdcdef | Profile

    I have never realised this until you pointed it out!
    (and it is of course hidden as part of the mountain, while else could it be anyways?)

  3. Mehmet Karatay | Profile

    The bear is part of the snowfield of the Matterhorn. It is standing up facing right.

  4. .mau. | Profile

    the snow on the left side of the mountain has the shape of a white bear facing right and standing on his hind legs.

  5. satheeshgkp | Profile

    The bear is hidden in the picture of the mountain peak…

  6. ruddwd | Profile

    The bear is climbing the mountain..
    i.e. part of the “white snow cap”
    The bear is looking up and to the right.

  7. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Standing on its hind legs within the mountain.

    Love Toblerone, never noticed the bear before!

  8. moyes | Profile

    The bear is in the mountain

  9. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I can see a bear standing on its hind legs with its paws against the mountain.

  10. fuzzy | Profile

    The yellow bear is standing on his hind legs in the middle of the mountaintop image.

  11. DoodleFish | Profile

    Bear is upright on the mountain, in white

  12. Obiwan | Profile

    It sorta jumps out–left face of the mountain, on hind legs, facing viewer’s right.

  13. alderney girl | Profile

    The bear makes up the left side of the mountain

  14. amboutwe | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    It’s hidden in the mountain and is the color yellow.

  15. CJ | Profile

    The bear is right in front of the mountain.

  16. rachel | Profile

    haha its standing in the mountain.. i never noticed that before

  17. markodiablo | Profile

    It’s in the mountain (the left part that’s lightest) facing right. Growl.

  18. RK | Founder | Profile

    I know, Great chocolate, but I never noticed it before either!

  19. cate314 | Profile

    It is in the mountain as the snow.

  20. Lost Mind | Profile

    WHAT THE!..Amazing!

  21. summer12 | Profile

    its in the mountain

  22. slowingdown | Profile

    White bear superimposed on the image of a mountain top

  23. Kevin | Profile

    the bear is on the mountain!!!

  24. mpspenguin | Profile

    Yeah, the bear is on the mountain! I have toblerone all the time- can’t believe I missed that!

  25. Carl John Gemarino | Profile

    the bear is in the mountain itself. looked like the bear is standing..

  26. sabitmaulana | Profile

    in the mountain, and stand up

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  28. xtine11 | Profile

    at the lower portion of the mountain

  29. gwensohana3 | Profile

    The bear is in the white outline of the mountain

  30. Suchbilder | abcund123 | Guest

    […] eine Reihe verschiedener Bilder mit verborgenen Objekten, darunter auch alte Liebig-Bilder und ein Toblerone-Bild. Ich wusste ja gar nicht, dass auf der Packung Toblerone der Berner Bär versteckt ist. Da werde […]

  31. soumen023 | Profile

    its on the mountain with its legs lifted up

  32. Minimoomadi | Profile

    The bear is carved into the face of the

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