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Ever noticed?

Buried in this logo is an appropriate graphical symbol-have you ever noticed it before?

18 Comments to “Ever noticed?”

  1. scottk | Profile

    very clever. the arrow in the Ex

  2. alexc | Profile

    Is it the arrow that’s formed by the Ex ?

  3. Falwan | Profile

    I see a white arrow pointing right…

    between the “E” and the “x”.

  4. Obiwan | Profile

    The arrow (in “Ex”;) that points to the right?

  5. bilbao | Profile

    is it a white arrow between E and x?

  6. maikran | Profile

    It is an arrow between E and x. Clever idea from the logo creator!

  7. ahsergio | Profile

    an arrow.

    try to find on in carrefour’s simbol. good luck

  8. aaronlau | Profile

    wow, there’s an arrow between the E and x.
    Moving/delivering forward i suppose.

  9. deejam | Profile

    Hidden arrow in between E and x (EX)

  10. fuzzy | Profile

    The right-pointing arrow? Nope, never noticed until now!

  11. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    The arrow was pointed out in a grad business class a “while” back, but I had never noticed it before.

  12. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    A right arrow

  13. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    cool, I see a white arrow jajaja, cool

  14. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    well also a white spoon in the first e but that its too much jajajajaja, cool

  15. alderney girl | Profile

    An arrow between the e and the x

  16. Gray-T | Profile

    it´s the Ex-“Darth”-Vader-Arrow!

    like: “E-><”

    (which is not supposed to be a subliminal message, like: “X the feds” with crossbows, but according to the latest studies on conspiracy theoriests, the real reason why FedEx got so much success after the “X-files”-series was discontinued. oops…;-)

    Funny, RK, this post also comes parallel with my official and approved divorce notice, I got yesterday…

    Free at last, thank God, free at last!


    not that “Gray-” at all, just “T”

  17. RK | Founder | Profile

    enjoy that freedom, Gray-T!
    nice to see you around :) hope everything works out well for you

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