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Figuring out Patterns: Grade School Kids,Grandparents?

Haven’t done one of these in a while- Can you figure out what comes next?

If you find this way too easy, you can pass it on to your grandparents. Or if you have kids in grade school, see how long it takes them to get it!

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26 Comments to “Figuring out Patterns: Grade School Kids,Grandparents?”

  1. joe | Profile

    Well I guess there is an argument for b or c. The triangle shape gradually fills the stars positions from bottom right to left …so I will go for c

  2. fuzzy | Profile

    Most likely (b) – in every subsequent tile one of the stars gets replaced by a triangle. Seems way too easy though.

  3. alderney girl | Profile

    Answer is b a star is taken and a triangle replaces it

  4. Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    It’s “b”, because the number of (stars,triangles) follows the pattern of (4,1), (3,2), (2,3), and finally (1,4).

  5. jae113 | Profile

    I’m 30 and I chose B right away.

  6. RK | Founder | Profile

    B it is! Triangle count goes up by 1 with each picture, star count drops by 1

  7. BePinkLiveGreen | Profile

    It’s obviously B! The number of stars decreases by 1 on each square… so considering the las squares had 3 and 2 stars respectively, our only option is B, it being the only one with one star

  8. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    Hehe B just a tad too easy I think. 41, 32, 23, 14

  9. irmisa | Profile

    i think its b but so eazy? i need more difficult answers;)

  10. Tsopi | Profile

    Lol B so easy ( each frame a star outs and a blue thing comes in )

  11. Sarah Al Taher | Profile

    stars are replaced by triangles diagonally sooo..
    1st time 1 star replaced…2nd time 1 star…3rd time the 2 stars that are in a diagonal form will be replaced soooooooo

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