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Ramble Scramble: A Multiplayer Word Puzzle Game

After many, many months of trying to get something like this done for smartkit, think we’re finally ready to go. A multiplayer word puzzle game in which you can finally meet up with and play other visitors in real time.

Have always wanted to have a sort of lounge, where the smartkit legends can test their mettle against one another, and where the rest of us regular mortals can have some good puzzle multiplayer fun.

To keep the quality of the games decent, Ramble Scramble is open only to those who are registered with the site.

Would love to hear of ways to make the experience better, so kindly email to let me know how we can improve things The smartkit homepage is getting redesigned, and Ramble Scramble will permanently be featured at the top, so should be easy to access.

Thanks to David Millman for his help in bringing this neat game to smartkit. He’s the same guy who created SwizzlePop! (now also integrated into user profiles).

2 Comments to “Ramble Scramble: A Multiplayer Word Puzzle Game”

  1. TomLion | Profile

    I was wondering if it might add to the tension if there was a circle on the table that shouldn’t be filled with tiles…?

    Perhaps that would work for single-player games: it would mean you are forced to balance making longer words with the need to keep the tiles from filling up the space…?

    And perhaps an option to turn off the time limited game play? The few times I’ve played, I’ve wanted to keep going but of course the game play stops after a few minutes.

    Just suggestions. Otherwise, it’s fun.

  2. RK | Founder | Profile

    An interesting suggestion TomLion, will talk it over with Dave Millman. Thanks!

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