School-Safe Puzzle Games

Smartkit Multiplayer

Smartkit’s Multiplayer Word Puzzle game is finished & ready to go. Need to hold off, however, just a little bit longer before releasing it. Next week should be a go, though. Apologize, but hopefully by then most  should be back from Spring Break.

Features include:

  • up to 8 players can play in a room
  • you can chat with other players before/during/after each game-just type your message, it’ll appear on the playing field
  • learn more about who you are playing against by clicking on their names-this will in turn display their Smartkit profile (Swizzlepop! rank is currently being installed into profile too)
  • you can play head-to-head with someone you meet in a larger room (or meet an established friend) by creating and entering a private room
  • these private rooms can be password-protected so no else joins your game
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