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Where are you?

Ok, this one is also by Gray-T, but a bit harder than the rebus posted earlier today.

For this photo puzzle, we’re looking for a song title from the 1980s (may not have made it big in the US).

Depending on how many answer correctly, will put up a clue or 2 late tomorrow.

10 Comments to “Where are you?”

  1. Obiwan | Profile

    Tough one.
    Belgian flag. Could be Vaalserberg (highest point in a flat country), but can’t get to a song. Hmmm

  2. bilbao | Profile

    ‘in the dutch mountains’ by the nits (1985)

  3. cheddarmelt | Profile

    …In the Dutch Mountains?

  4. bizarette18 | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    In the Dutch Mountains

  5. LaDana | Profile

    Luxembourg by Elvis Costello

  6. Hendy | Profile

    My first guess was “Postcards from Germany” (being in the right-hand direction, north oreinted from France).

    I found a rather obscure reference on Google. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but there is a song by “Big Lazy” on their album, “Postcards from X”, the song is entitled “France”.

    How that translates to the photo puzzle, I have no idea, but it all fits…”where are you?”; “you are here” with an X marking the spot…the picture looks like a postcard…there is a flag of France. The major problem is this appears to be a 2007 release, not 1980s.

    “Postcards from the edge” is another possibility…with no apparent song title fitting. Otherwise, I am stumped.

  7. RK | Founder | Profile

    Only Cheddarmelt, Bilbao, and Bizarette18 got this one so far, so here’s 2 hints:


    The band is not called: the critters, roaches, beetles or bugs

  8. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    The Dutch Mountain by the Nits?

  9. RK | Founder | Profile

    this one was tough; In the Dutch Mountains is the answer Gray-T was looking for

  10. Sandyla | Profile

    In the Dutch Mountains

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