School-Safe Puzzle Games

SmileyGirl: match 3 puzzle game


Something a little lighter after all those hard clock math problems-Many will remember  Smiley Puzzle; here’s the sequel- Smiley Girl.

Couple things: There are 3 modes. Come Tuesday morning, we’ll award the high scorer on  ‘Extreme’ mode a RUNES package. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place scorers on ‘Extreme’ will get the Plexus set.

We’ve also expanded the info in the Profile section by adding your score on SmileyGirl.

Will continue to keep an eye out for anyone else besides Bizarette18 that can solve The Complex Clock Puzzle…

Coming next week: a new puzzle by Gray-T, Strimko set #3, a new Cryptogram, and (hopefully) smartkit’s 1st multiplayer word puzzle game.

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