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Smartkit March 7th

On oldie but but goodie: Cover the Spot. Resetting the scores today.

In addition to the difficult math, there was a clever little twist in Assassin’s Bullet that you needed to pick up on to solve. Those who got it right: Hendy, BillyPilgrim, Hex, Bizarette18, Michaelc, Shawn, APEX.JP, Bach, Ludiovolo, AaronLau, Roel, Joe, Diegote, Lograh, Diego, JimmyAnders, Nightowl, Suineg, EddB

The 4th and final challenge in Bilbao’s clock puzzle series will go up early Tuesday Morning.

Have been getting emails on how to change log in /profile info. First go here:, and then, in the upper right hand corner is word ‘profile’. Click on it to change password, upload avatar picture, list what country you’re from, gender, etc…

Smartkit’s 1st multiplayer (word) game is coming soon

We pay our puzzle contributers. You can show your support by picking up the Plexus Puzzle Package or the World’s Greatest Puzzle.

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