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Hold on Tight

Below, we’ve taken a relatively small section from a photo and enlarged it.

What do you think the original shows? (a clue an be found in a February math puzzle)

mystery photo puzzle

mystery photo puzzle#5-click to enlarge

22 Comments to “Hold on Tight”

  1. michaelc | Profile

    How about an escalator?

  2. davidpw97 | Profile


  3. Migrated | Profile

    To me, it looks like the bottom of an ice skate. The blade part.

  4. joe | Profile

    Is it part of an escalator.. the handrail seems tobe what is showing..

  5. marioberges | Profile

    The hand rails of an escalator?

  6. fuzzy | Profile

    An escalator.

  7. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile


    steps are on the far right, brownish rubber handrail at middle-right, metal? siding is on the left. Is that an arm that I see reflected? Looks like Waldo switched from red to black stripes!

  8. ludiavolo | Profile

    Is it the hand rail of an escalator?

  9. bilbao | Profile

    it shows an escalator. my guess is that there is at least one person on the escalator wearing jeans and a light shirt or blouse

  10. Benson | Profile

    escalator (or however u spell it)

  11. brianu | Profile


  12. auntmei | Profile


  13. deadskin | Profile

    I spy and Escalator

  14. pjwhite530 | Profile

    Window sill with car reflected.

  15. LadyInsomnia | Profile

    It’s the (shiny rubber) handrail of an escalator.

  16. cheddarmelt | Profile

    Hmmm…I find the picture uplifting…not elevating, just uplifting…

  17. aetrac | Profile

    The railing of an escalator?

  18. Kllr Wolf | Profile

    It looks like the picture section is part of an escalator. It looks like the edge of the step section on the very right side, and the main part is the side safety railing.

  19. RK | Founder | Profile

    Waldo with stripes, or maybe the Hamburglar :)

    Here’s the original

    nice call on the jeans Bilbao, you’re correct

  20. neutrondisciple | Profile


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