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Best Flash Brain Teaser Ever?

Came across this Flash animated brain buster of a puzzle called ‘Escape from the Crimson Room’.

It’s appears to be a very simple brain teaser in that there’s not much in the way of directions. You basically find yourself in a small red room and have to figure a way out.

Played for about 5 minutes and seemed kind of fun; going to give it a try later when there’s more time…

Here’s the link:

I’m curious to hear how difficult it is to solve…

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  1. peter | Guest

    START: click the roof, click on the two draws, click on the items inside, click on the little yellow bowl, click on the left hand corner of the wall, then again, this should bring you around to the bed, click on the pillow, take the object, BUT…carefully click on the shadow in between the head and the matress, take that item, click out, click the wall to bring you to the curtain, click on the curtain, take the object on the windowcill. Click back to the drawers, click on the gold key, then the left drawer, click the silver then the right, take objects
    click on the red box, click on the ring, then the right circle on the box, click on the metal bar then the length shape on the box. click out, click the walls til you face the plain red wall, click on the floor at the end of the bed, grab that item
    clik til your back to the table, click under the table,
    click the item
    click back
    click the cd player, click the cord then the cd player, then the power, then the cd drive, then take item, close drawer and back to main page, turn to curtain, continually click the curtain til an item drops, pick it up, place that on the remaining circle on the box, open the box, put the tape inside, then the battery, then click the box
    where the pointer is, make sure you mark it without clicking. wait for the tape to finish, carefully, click the remaining key, then the mark where the fella is pointing, then use the url to get the code, then use the screwdriver on the door

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