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Strimko Set#2

Back in December, we posted our 1st round of Strimko puzzles. Here’s set #2, created for Smartkit by the Grabarchuk family:

To review the rules: The object of the puzzle is to fill in the missing numbers, keeping in mind these simple rules:

  • each row must contain different numbers
  • each column must contain different numbers
  • each stream must contain different numbers

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3 Comments to “Strimko Set#2”

  1. Ari | Profile

    Sweet, thanks.

  2. aaronlau | Profile

    Something new to learn after too much of sudoku.

  3. Perfect Balance: The Puzzle Game | Smart-Kit Puzzles and Games | Guest

    […] recap the week, we have Strimko Set #2 here and the tricky Escalator Puzzle here (answers still masked until Monday). Share | […]

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