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Behind the Barn…

Behind the barn at early morn

I hear a herald blow his horn.

His beard was flesh, his mouth was horn,

The like of him was never born.

What did I hear?

10 Comments to “Behind the Barn…”

  1. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Can’t be as simple as rooster, can it? The like of him was never born…

    You rhymed horn with horn.

  2. zenitth | Profile

    a rooster?

    blowing his horn is crowing
    his beard being his fleshy wattle
    his horn being his beak

    and never born, but hatched from an egg, I guess….

  3. deadskin | Profile

    You heard a Rooster?

  4. BillyPilgrim | Profile

    A rooster

  5. michaelc | Profile

    I usually don’t get these. Here goes a guess however.

    How about a rooster?

  6. lograh | Profile

    er, sounds like a rooster to me.

  7. pjwhite530 | Profile


  8. hoopstergirl3 | Profile


  9. icarr0331 | Profile

    you heard a crow from a rooster.

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