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Liebig Hidden Object Card

I think this translates to: Where are the policemen?

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Answers can be submitted below in the comment section; will reveal in in couple days thanks.

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17 Comments to “Liebig Hidden Object Card”

  1. Falwan | Profile

    in the tree upside down…

    that’s one…the other, no clue !

  2. RK | Founder | Profile

    Hi there Falwan, that’s the one I saw too (in the 1st big tree on the left, a bit under the ‘c’ in “Company’s”

    not sure if there are any others though

  3. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think the other one is in the same tree, full body in different scale, facing down horizontally, just coliding with the fence looks like a little soldier. but is a guess, because the face is for sure a po9lice man, has a mustage and everything jajajaja

  4. Jimmy Anders | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I couldn’t see a full body in the tree but that does look like a hoizontal face. Another horizontal face is on the lamp. Apparently die Polizisten all have mustaches!

  5. RK | Founder | Profile

    Suineg-having a hard time locating the one you pointed out.
    Jimmy Anders- does your Polizisten have a cap too? I think I may see it

    also, if you look at the vertical one in the tree upside down (Falwan’s), and look immediately below it, right-side-up, there may be another one that share’s the same cap? chubby cheeks and a pointy nose.

  6. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The other face is just below the “C” of the word company right above the other face falwan said before, nice, well my little soldier looks more like a british guard jajaja but cool.

  7. Jimmy Anders | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Mine does have a cap. It’s a profile like the other one, not on the lamp exactly, but it’s the negative shape of top of the metal piece that connects the lamp to the wall. And the other night I thought I saw suineg’s plain as day, but now I have a hard time seeing it as well!

  8. pjwhite530 | Profile

    Upside down in the left part of the tree branches above the boys’ heads. The tree more or less in the middle of the picture. It is a face with a hat.

  9. neutrondisciple | Profile

    I see one policeman in the tree branches

  10. mpspenguin | Profile

    I see one face upside-down in the left tree. Alot easier to see in high resolution.

  11. nadia | Profile

    the policeman’s head upside down under the C is so clear and perfect…

    so i am not sure if what i found was intended, still:

    look at the kid on the right, the one with its back to us,
    from his left shoulder to his arm, the cape he’s wearing is shaped into a profile,
    forehead, nose, mouth… and the hat of the cape, like his hat and just under it, in the dark zone, the eye…

  12. RK | Founder | Profile

    Nadia, now that you mention this, actually when I look at the cape, it almost seems as if the face of the policeman is upside down, with the hat being the arm potion of the cape….?

  13. nadia | Profile

    yes i see this. but now i am almost sure that we r just seeing things!!!
    i think the winner is the policeman under the “C”

  14. Grendy | Profile

    the policeman is between the braches he appears to be in the form of a ghost thats why the children are startled

  15. biuoe | Profile

    Ich kann den Polizisten nicht finden!:)

  16. sabitmaulana | Profile

    yes under the C

  17. soumen023 | Profile

    upside down under the tag

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