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Can you spot the phony? Fake Smile Test

Most of us hold pretty high opinions of ourselves. Study after study has proven, however, that our confidence is often misplaced, and that we frequently deceive ourselves into thinking our abilities are above average.

Take, for example, these studies which illustrate the “above average fallacy”:

  • In a study of a million high school seniors, 70% said they had “above average leadership skills, but only 2% felt their leadership skills were below average”
  • 94% of college professors think they do above average work
  • In another study, “when doctors diagnosed their patients as having pneumonia, predictions made with 88% confidence turned out to be right only 20% of the time”

[Above data taken from an ABC News article by Lee Dye, “Study: Self-Images Often Erroneously Inflated“]

Do you consider yourself a very good judge of character, and fairly competent at reading people? Then you may want to take this Fake Smile Test to see how well you truly know your own abilities.

[I thought I was pretty good at this sort of thing until I got my score- 13/20, barely better than chance!]

1 Comment to “Can you spot the phony? Fake Smile Test”

  1. UberKuh | Guest

    I had the same expectation and I got the same result. However, we know that all forms of life go to the greatest extremes to survive, like changing their colors and shapes to blend or mimic. And humor is used for social survival, so it seems to me that we should not be better than chance at guessing the intent of another person’s emotional states by watching their facial expressions.

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