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A formula hidden…

Another fun challenge from Gray-T:

I’ve invented a formula that tastes good, my name is:

click here to view rebus picture in high resolution

Over here you can try one of his earlier rebus puzzles

May put up a hint in a day or 2 if needed….

17 Comments to “A formula hidden…”

  1. bilbao | Profile

    JUSTUS VON LIEBIG, founder of the ‘Liebig Extract of Meat Company’

  2. LaDana | Profile

    Justus Von Liebig – Inventor of the Beef Boullion Cube

    [(JUST)+US] VON [LIE(BIG)]

    VON = FROM in German
    LIE = Long Island Expressway (I495)

  3. Norway | Profile

    Justus von Liebig! Good one;)

  4. Adam | Profile

    Justus von Liebig

  5. Margot | Profile

    Justus von Liebig. He came up with nitrogen-based fertilizer, and beef bouillon.

  6. tad | Profile

    Justus Von Liebig

    [(Justice-ice)+us] von [Long Island Expressway{LIE} (bigfoot-foot)]

  7. cheddarmelt | Profile

    Justus von Liebig

  8. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    justice – ice = just
    bigfoot – 12inch = big

  9. bizarette18 | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Justus von Liebig

  10. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Must be Justus von Liebig, the chemist.

    (Justice-ice)+us = JUSTUS
    German from = VON
    Route 495 is the Long Island Expressway = LIE
    Bigfoot-foot = BIG

  11. doar823 | Profile

    Justus Von Liebig

  12. Mashplum | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Justus von Liebig – inventor of meat extract

    Justice – ice + us von (German for “from”;) Lie (Long Island Expressway) bigfoot – foot

  13. bobg | Profile

    Justice – (water at 32 = ice) + us

    From in German is Von

    I495 AKA the Long Island Expressway = LIE + bigfoot – foot(12in)

    Justus Von Liebig, another chemistry related dude, ‘Tastes good’ because he had something to do with beef bullion. or fertilizers…

  14. LaDana | Profile

    Just noticed when returning to the site to check if the solution had been revealed.. if you hover over the puzzle image it displays the name ‘rebus-with-bigfoot’. FYI for future puzzles :)

  15. Scott | Profile


    Justus von Liebig

    Justus – (Justice – ice + us) von (German for “for”;) Lie (495 is the Long Island Expressway i.e. L.I.E) Big (bigfoot – foot).

    He helped invent the bouillon cube.


  16. RK | Founder | Profile

    very good, Justus von Liebig. Thought the L.I.E part was real hard, but many of you were still able to figure it out. Looking at the Liebig hidden object cards, you can see the beef buillon in the corner

    thank LaDana :)

  17. Gray-T | Profile

    Wow, hey guys, hope you enjoyed that one.

    Thanks, RK, that you put it up on your blog.

    Happy Holidays anyone.


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