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100 Personalities of History

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  1. LadyInsomnia | Profile

    Audrey Hepburn is standing by the piano… Charlie Chaplin is sitting under it… Hitler is standing by Beethoven who’s playing the piano… Pele is above Hitler… Bruce Lee is in front of the ship… Bill Clinton is to the left of the ship… Che Guevara and a rather younger Fidel Castro are to the right of Napoleon’s steed… A childish Shirley Temple is next to the childlike Albert Einstein… I’m sure I’ve named the easiest ones!

  2. Obiwan | Profile

    Wow–lots of familiar faces (mebbe). My contribution of ~ 40: Chaplin, Lenin, Pele, Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Clinton, Thatcher, DeGaulle, Churchill, Shakespeare, QEII, Stalin, Einstein, Shirley Temple, Mike Tyson, Gandh, Ariel Sharon, Bin Laden,George Bush,Paravotti, Arafat, Marilyn Monroe, Brando, Che Guevara, Castro, Mao, Lincoln, Beethoven, Elvis, FDR, Layfaette, Salvador Dali, Kaiser Wilhelm, Prince Charles,Michael Jordan(???), Eisenhower, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Atilla the hun (?), Putin, Moses, Chou En-lai, etc.

  3. HammyCat | Profile

    Dynasty King
    Martin Luther King Jr
    Attila the hun?
    Abraham Lincon
    Mao ste tun
    Mohammed Ali
    George Washington

    That’s all I can see right now

  4. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Another faces besides the already mentioned I recognize are:
    Nelson Mandela, Pablo Piccasso, Moses, Confucius, Elvis Presly,
    Noah,Lincon, Karl Marx, Stephen Hawkings, William Shakespeare, Alfred Hitchcock, Mister T.
    I will some for others to discover, cool picture.

  5. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    A difficult one is Van Goethe, Faust author.
    Mozart and Mother Teresa of Calcuta are also in the picture

  6. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Arafat, Julius Cesar, Marie Curie, Pavarotti, Margaret Thatcher, Jackie Chan, George Bush,Saint Peter?

  7. zenitth | Profile

    I’m not even going to try and name everyone I see, except for Lenin, cuz I saw him first.

    But, does anyone recognize the flute player standing behind Prince Charles? just curious.

    Thanks Joe, for an absolutely fun puzzle!!

  8. zenitth | Profile

    nvm, I think it’s Nelson Mandela and Ijust spotted Osama Bin Laden. I’m addicted….

  9. charity_quietbrook | Profile

    bill clinton
    bruce lee
    The Godfather
    marlyn monroe
    bin laden
    jakie chan
    george bush
    micheal jordon
    shirley temple
    charlie chaplin
    mike tyson

    thats what I have for now

  10. bilbao | Profile

    a few others:
    kofi annan (playing the flute)
    to his right simon peres (saluting)
    two painters: vincent van gogh and toulouse lautrec (below m.jordan)
    around the red table:
    leonardo da vinci (over his ‘man of vitruvio’;)
    queen elizabeth II
    nietzsche (talking to k.marx)
    general george custer (left table, arms crossed)

  11. joe | Profile

    Hi thanks glad you all liked it, I am still looking myself!.
    The guy with the flute is indeed Kofi Annan,, the boxer I had as Tyson (although it is the same position Ali fell – the only time he was knocked over by Henry Cooper).
    At the games table is ex olympic comitee president Juan Antonio Samaranch. I think we have about 70 so far….
    The artist must be Asian as there seems to be a big influence that way with the personalities…
    Thanks again .. joe

  12. joe | Profile

    The painting is called
    “Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante”

    ..and thats Dante top right in red.

  13. joe | Profile

    sorry forgot to say,

    by Dai Dudu

  14. thedeath | Profile

    in some order (left > right; top to bottom):
    socrates (in red with a parchment); vladimir lenin; bill clinton, bruce lee; rembrandt; genghis khan; napoleon bonaparte; ernesto guevara; fidel castro; marlon brando; yasser arafat; julius caesar; george bush; osama bin laden; jackie chan;

    pele; persian king Sardanapal (on the throne); margaret thatcher; winston churchill; cary grant; william shakespeare; wolfgang amadeus mozart; picasso; (from under che guevara) confucius; marilyn monroe; luciano pavarotti; prince charles; kofi annan;

    adolf hitler; ludwig van beethoven; bernito mussolini; saddam hussein; mark twain; elvis presley (with a guitar); joseph stalin; leonardo da vinci; carl marx; tesla?; abraham lincoln; mao zedong; salvador dali; lao tze and mother theresa;

    charlie chaplin; paulo coelho (with the playing cards); nelson mandela (near coelho); mike tyson and vladimir putin (in front of the table); josephine baker (under the table); shirley temple; QEII; tolstoi; albert einstein; moses; mahatma gandhi; vincent van gogh; touluse lautren (on a bar stool); eisenhower?; the yellow emperor (huang-di); attila the hun; thomas jefferson and, kim jong il (on top of the wall, at the corner)

    i still got a few to figure out :P

  15. Adrian Robles | Profile

    I see Steven Spielberg right below Attila, Is it Hernan Cortes to the left of Bruce Lee?, Mijail Gorvachov is waving his hand right above Mother Teresa.

  16. bank_holdup | Profile

    Some I haven’t seen listed: Christopher Columbus, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Douglas Macarthur (to the right of Pavarati), Sigmund Freud (front table, with cards), Jonas Salk, Oppenheimer (to the left of Shakespeare), Ernest Hemingway (next to Elvis), Henry Ford (next to Charlie Chaplain’s Tramp), Lewis Carroll (next to Shirley Temple).

    I’ve seen other lists that show George Bush with the spyglass and Vladimir Putin down front with Mike Tyson. I’ll admit the faces look like them, but below the neck doesn’t convince me. Why would Bush have a spyglass? Why does “Putin” look like he came from 1953?

  17. Jimmy Anders | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    The only ones I can add are that man on the left with the guandao, green robe and reddish complexion is Guan Yu, and I want to say the wavy-haired, mutton-chopped man is Simon Bolivar, but I’m surprised to see him out of military uniform.

  18. neutrondisciple | Profile

    people of different countries and of different times.

  19. vekat | Profile

    Shirley Temple

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