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Where is the Fisherman? An Online Hidden Object Puzzle

A French antique hidden object  puzzle card: Where is the fisherman?

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15 Comments to “Where is the Fisherman? An Online Hidden Object Puzzle”

  1. Falwan | Profile

    down to the left of large fish tail…

  2. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    it look like its behind the fish, between the wall and the fish.

  3. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    jajaja and upside down, weird??? jajajaja who fish who??

  4. HammyCat | Profile

    At the left of the middle fish’s tail, there’s an upside down face of a man (made up from the loose lines from the left fish)

  5. glupi_zmaj | Profile

    rotated upside down, in the second row of bricks, between left and the middle fish

  6. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    upside down, between the tails

  7. sharrey2 | Profile

    if u turn the pic to 180 degrees clockwis eor anti, the face is on the right between the long fish and the shorter is facing right

  8. zenitth | Profile

    rotate the fish 180 degrees and the pecheur is hidden among the fishtails on the right.

  9. michaelc | Profile

    He’s upside down on the fish!

  10. scr1be | Profile

    Below the left most fish.

    (upside down). I see a face but it could just be my crazy imagination.

  11. aetrac | Profile

    His head is upside down to the left of the tail-end of the largest fish.

  12. neutrondisciple | Profile

    Turn the picture upside down. His face is half seen behind the third fish.

  13. Agnes | Profile

    turn it upside down. he is on the tail side :)

  14. hanuman putih | Profile

    the fisherman head was at the bottom left beside the tail of big fish. He’s head turning downside

  15. sabitmaulana | Profile

    yes upsidedown !

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