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Beautiful Dubai: A Picture Puzzle

Our photo/picture puzzles are created by a world-class image manipulator. Compared to many other ‘spot the difference’ puzzles, I think you’ll notice a lot more care and nuance goes into the ones you’ll see on Smartkit.

There are 12 differences between the pictures below. Can you spot them all? Click image to jump to high resolution

Answers can be submitted in the comment section below and will go live immediately. To make it more interesting, and allow others a chance, please try to leave only 1 difference. Thanks!

7 Comments to “Beautiful Dubai: A Picture Puzzle”

  1. zenitth | Profile

    1. tower on far right is missing level
    2. front bldg missing row of windows
    3. round wall also missing row of windows
    4. bldg below green ballonn is taller
    5. far left tower is moved
    6. tree appears near left red tent
    7. colors switched on red/white/blue balloon
    8. design flipped on green balloon
    9. bar on front of barge is different
    10. boat is shorter
    11. design on 2nd big rock is changed
    12. red, white & blue balloon is moved

  2. Margot | Profile

    Here is a link to the changes I found in the first photo.

  3. deejam | Profile

    @ zenith, i guess your 12th spot is wrong.
    the building below red-white-blue appears thinner
    (the top block alone)

  4. zenitth | Profile

    @ deejam, could be, LOL, my eyes definitley don’t see what as well as they used to!

  5. zenitth | Profile

    I’m Sorry!! I just saw the comment about leaving only 1 change.

    My feelings won’t be hurt if you remove the comment. Sorry, again!!!!!!

  6. RK | Founder | Profile

    That’s ok zenith, this has happened several times in the past, you’re not the 1st :)

    I should’ve placed that little note higher up, will try to remember for next time

  7. mfeex | Profile

    Well, I guess that’s the end of that puzzle…..Love these!

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