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Yellow Matrix Brain Teaser

Not too much of a brain strain for this Friday; will have the hard visual spatial puzzle contest up early next week. Also finalizing another really neat cartoon puzzle that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Update: I think we needed to add an (e). What do you think choice (e) would look like?

answers to be unmasked sometime over the weekend

Here’s an earlier matrix IQ type question

39 Comments to “Yellow Matrix Brain Teaser”

  1. falwan | Profile

    Since shapes are not in sequence and do not have any logical order, one would have to go with color sequence…

    So; answer would have to be (d) .

  2. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    jajaja, this puzzle is cool, but I see something strange;
    for me the best answer would have been the D if the inner triangle was red.
    1) the second column represent the bigger and outer figure of the third column with the same color->(first row: red circle, second row: green square, third row: orange triangle)
    2)the first column represent the middle figure of the third column with the same color->(first row: green square, second row: orange triangle, third row: green square)
    3) the inner figure is the same represented in the second column of the row but with the color that is not used in column 1 or 2 of the same row->(first row: orange circle, second row: red square, third row: red triangle)

    But that was just me, from the options I will choose the A
    the third row has the opossite order in the columns 1 and 2 of row 2 so the figure of the column 3 of row 3 has to be the inverse of the row 2 column 3 figure I guess:
    the middle figure remains and the outer figure and inner figure swap thats is figure A, cool

  3. michaelc | Profile

    The shapes match d. The colors match c.

    One or the other, I’d have to say d (shapes are more important than colors!).

  4. Sue | Profile

    None of the choices. I think it is Orange triangle in back then green square then small RED triangle in center.

  5. LaDana | Profile

    Hrmm… Seems it should be:

    Large Orange Triangle with Medium Green Square inside of it with a Small Red Triangle inside of the square.

  6. Irene | Profile

    I would think D fits best.

  7. zenitth | Profile

    I think it is ‘D’.

  8. scottk | Profile

    tiny green triangle, medium red circle, large orange triangle

  9. bilbao | Profile

    The answer would be: a red triangle inside a green square which is inside an orange triangle

  10. scr1be | Profile

    i don’t think any of those are right.

    if i had to guess without options i would’ve said that it looks like “d”, except the smallest triangle would be red.

  11. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Shape of column 1 goes inside shape of column 2 with colors unchanged, so answer must be (c) or (d).

    3rd small shape is inserted inside the previous 2 shapes. This 3rd shape is always the same as the shape in column 2, and is always represented by a color not given by the other 2 shapes, so that the final pattern contains the colors red, orange, and green.

    I like the pattern in (d), but the color change is wrong.
    I like the color change in (c), but the pattern is wrong.

    I suggest (e) would look like (d), but the small inner triangle would be red.

  12. michaelc | Profile

    Choice (e) with d’s shapes and c’s colors would be the logical choice.

  13. RK | Founder | Profile

    several of you answered before the update was inserted. The best answer is as Shawn, Sue, Suineg, Micahelc, LaDana, Bilbao describe.

  14. Nirmal | Profile

    The apt answer will be choice (c) in terms of colours.

  15. BePinkLiveGreen | Profile

    D… the biggest shape on the third square is the same as the tiniest… no matter the color

  16. BePinkLiveGreen | Profile

    And the E choice would consist on the tiniest figure being a different color from both the biggest one and the middle one… and it must be a color that didn’t appear in the first two shapes of the sequence

  17. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    D is my answer following the pattern across the top and center lines but a more correct answer would be the same as D all but the smallest triangles color in the center, it should be red instead of orange. D is just the more compatible answer.

  18. | Profile

    it has to be D

  19. changwang0 | Profile

    e. D with a small red triangle instead.

  20. Tsopi | Profile

    Its definately C (the third shape in each row includes the shape in position 1 inside the shape in position 2 and then a shape iside that is of a colour not included in the row )

  21. ibryamo | Profile

    (e) will be accurate with shapes and colors

  22. nosliw | Profile

    e- small red triangle inside green square inside orange triangle

  23. smartsypants | Profile

    easy. (e)-orange triangle in back, green square in the middle and a red triangle on top.

  24. shoaib | Profile

    d is my answer

  25. mosi | Profile

    answer will be (d), but i think the color of the small triangle which is inside should be red according to the sequence in others…..

  26. bcrox | Profile

    E would be large orange triangle with green square inside it with red triangle inside that!

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