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Amazing: A Mystery Photo

For most of the earlier mystery photos put up, we’ve taken a relatively small section from a photo, and enlarged it. For this one, however, the approach is a bit different…

What exactly are we looking at here?!

[click on photo for higher resolution photo]

If you can figure this out, feel free to submit your answer in the comment section below. Will unmask answers Friday. If you get stuck, there’s a clue or 2 around…

(Hopefully this’ll redeem me a bit from the  impossibly hard one put up last month)

21 Comments to “Amazing: A Mystery Photo”

  1. Obiwan | Profile

    Cornfield maze depicting a John Deere tractor (an old one I think).

  2. aetrac | Profile

    A gated community

  3. mbetush | Profile

    its a maize maze

  4. Anastasia11 | Profile

    a maize maze

  5. cflw60 | Profile

    it is the figure of a tractor.
    I. Weber

  6. barftud | Profile

    Well it’s a Maize maze, but I can’t figure out where it is.

  7. jae113 | Profile

    I think I see a tractor in the corn maze!

  8. Izzy | Profile

    It’s a really awesome looking Corn field Maze.

  9. Izzy | Profile

    Forgot to mention the tractor hidden in there, lol.

  10. utahrph | Profile

    Its a corn maze in the form of a tractor

  11. scr1be | Profile

    it’s a tractor

  12. SharonH | Profile

    Being a farm girl, it is pretty obvious that someone has cut enough corn in his field to carve a picture of his treasured tractor to be seen from the air!

    Or aliens did it and it MEANS SOMETHING…

  13. newb | Profile

    an Amazing Maze of Maize!

  14. loco68 | Profile

    It’s a tractor!

  15. Rasul | Profile

    A field next to a road. Could be corn field with patterns. A shot taken from the sky by a helicopter or plane.

  16. didi | Profile

    it looks like a garden/plantation maze…

  17. LadyInsomnia | Profile

    It looks like a cornfield maze, viewed from above.

    The picture name (a-maize-ing) is a big hint. :-)

  18. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    maize maze

  19. RK | Founder | Profile

    This is a 10 acre corn maze in Missouri. For those of you who also noticed the tractor, very good!

  20. Sue | Profile

    I got the maize but what does the RW in the tractor wheel stand for? I tried a google search but to no avail. Is it the name of the farm?

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