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Swizzlepop Word Wizards, site update

We’ve got some amazingly high scores up for the SwizzlePop! game. Even David Millman, creator, was very impressed.

LaDana finished 1st with a whopping 351,126. (Also finished 2nd in Smiley Puzzle Contest!)

Mad (The Mad Egyptian) and Dan a close 2nd with 339,322 and 338,771.

Laura and Shawn not very far behind with 311,368 and  275,395.

Wow wow wow, all you guys & gals must have exceptionally large Broca’s areas :)

Ari and LadyInsomnia are some other names I recognize also demonstrating incredibly high verbal ability.

The top 3 scorers can shoot an email to: info (at) smart-kit (dot) com and let me know what size shirt to ship out.

In any case, Swizzlepop truly is a great brain game that you can go back and play anytime you want to help train and keep your mind fit.

Other Site News:

The Profile Section has been fixed and improved. You can now add your 1) Gender,  2) Country and 3) Avatar.  To do so, login here:

Then click on ‘Profile‘ in the upper right corner. Scroll down and you will see where you can enter your gender, country, and upload an avatar picture.

For about 2 months, your answers to puzzles weren’t showing in the profile section, but I believe they should all be there now.  However, we did lose a couple of existing avatar pics in the upgrade process, so you may want to re-upload one.

The profiles will be helpful when the  puzzle chat window is finished. This way, you can learn more about who you’re playing with or challenging.

As promised, a geometry visual-spatial puzzle contest will go up in about 2 weeks.

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