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Retirement shot

There are 12 differences in the photo, can you spot them all?

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  1. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think this are the differences from left to right, first upper picture then lower in every difference:
    1)gray pants; brown pants
    2) hair; baby blue hat
    3)only bushes at background; a tree and bushes at background
    4)wood piece near the river; nothing near that position in the river
    5)no ball at the front of man with both hands in his pockets; black ball just in front the man with both hands in his pockets
    6) 5th guy from left to right tie under his sweater; 5th guy from left to right with tie over his sweater
    7)5th guy from left to right with extended arms and something blue in his left hand; 5th guy from left to right with his arms crossed
    8)No flower behind the frame of the same 5th guy; pink flowers behind the 5th guy
    9)green stripes amd green towel in the 6th guy; blue stripes and towel in the 6th guy
    10)Number 8 in the white red indicator of number; Number 3 in the white red indicator of number
    11)7th guy towards is left, watch in that hand; 7th guy towards his right, watch in that hand
    12)black ball in front of the last guy from left to right;
    no ball in front of the last guy from left to right

  2. RaLDoZ | Profile

    I have named the guys from left to right (my left to right)

    1. The hat of the first guy

    2. The color of the trousers of the first guy

    3. The Tree behind the third guy

    4. The Yellow stick behind the third and fourth guys

    5. The tie of the fifth guy

    6. The hand of the fifth guy

    7. The pink flowers behind the fifth guy

    8. The color of the waist band(or whatever it is called) of the sixth guy

    9. The numbers (8 in the first pic and 3 in the second pic) behind the sixth and seventh guys

    10. The seventh guy ( he is facing a different direction in the 2 pics)

    11.The seventh guy is wearing the watch in different hands

    12. The balls are interchanged. ( in the first pic , there is a ball in front of the last guy but there is no ball in front of the third guy whereas in the second pic there is a ball in front of the third guy whereas there is none in front of the last guy.

    These are the differences my eyes could see.
    I hope I’m right!

  3. joe | Profile

    1. Guy on the left gets a cap
    2. and now has brown trousers
    3. A tree between 3rd and 4th guy has appeared
    4. A marker on the floor between these two disappears
    5. There is an extra ball now between these two.
    6. The 5th guy has his arm in a different position
    7…and is now not wearing a jersey
    8. The next guy along now has a blue towell
    9. …and blue trim on his jersey
    10. The marker behind him now has the number 8
    11. The last guy is facing the other way
    12. The ball farthest right has disappeared

  4. michaelc | Profile

    from left to right…

    hat on man’s head
    color of man’s pants
    ball on left
    stick in pond
    tree in background
    poistion of man’s hand, arm and what he’s holding
    pink flowers
    color of handerchief in pocket
    direction man is facing
    number on sign in front of pond
    ball on right

  5. RK | Founder | Profile

    very good guys; I’m attaching the image solution here

  6. michaelc | Profile

    Hey that’s not a pond!

    The wall in the background looked like a pond to me until I clicked on the solution picture.

    I guess your brain really does see what it wants to see as pointed out in earlier posts!

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