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Whoa Kitty!

There are 7 shapes that are used twice (object doubles). Can you find them?

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(will hold answers until Friday before revealing, thanks)

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  1. joe | Profile

    Hi I have found the following object doubles:
    1. The triangle on the desk – the trangle on the wastepaper basket
    2. The guy´s hair – the green object above the radio
    3. The end of the door knob – the guy´s earphone piece
    4. The tooth shapes on the cats back – the same shapes on the bottom left of the poster
    5. The support piece on the back of the chair – the end of the arm of the architect´s desk tool
    6. The swivel piece at the end of the lamp just before the light itself – the swivel piece on the last part of the arm of the architect´s tool
    7. The drawer puller – the red wood railing along the wall on the right has that shape at 90 degrees

  2. lograh | Profile

    1) The triangle on the drawing table and in the paper box pattern
    2) drawer handle and trim on the, er, is it wainscoting still even though it doesn’t go down to the floor?
    3) The artist’s hair and that thing above the radio. Is that supposed to be a potted plant?
    4) The chair back and one of the mechanical things on the table.
    5) kitty’s back fur pattern and Wolverine’s shoulder decorations.
    6) The top joint on the lamp and one of the joints on the tool laying on the table.

    And something else that is eluding me this morning. This was a nice puzzle.

  3. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    1) the ruler with the blue design of the box to the right of the boy
    2) the door handle and the headphones
    3) dark gray thing with two holes over the table and the dark gray rear support of the chair
    4) light gray thing just above the body of the cat and the light gray upper support of the lamp
    5)the dark pen in the boy hand and the dark gray pen in the drawer
    6) the hair of the boy and the green bush under the wolwerine poster
    7) the sticker that glue the sheet to the table and the sticker in the wolwerine poster
    ULTRA COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. shaks | Profile

    1. the back of the chair at the top – the end of the bendy thing on the guy’s desk

    2. the set square on the desk – the pattern of the blue box holding the rolls of paper

    3. Wolverine’s claws – the pattern on the cat’s back

    4. the doorknob at the left – the guy’s headphone

    5. drawer handle – part of the red molding along the wall at the right

    6. the eraser on the desk – indentation in the side of the blue radio

    7. the plant being upset by the cat – the guy’s hair

  5. garedhead | Profile

    1. Stripes on cat’s back are repeated in the artwork on the wall
    2. Triangle on the desk is repeated on the bin
    3. The shape of the man’s hair is repeated in the plant
    4. The shape of the drawer handle is repated on the edge of the chair rail
    5. The object on the back of the chair is repeated in the . . . sorry, I don’t know the name of that grey thing on the desk!
    6. Doorknob is the same shape as the guy’s earphone
    7. Bottom of the guy’s shoe is the same shape as the seat of the chair


  6. Diego | Profile

    1 claws of wolverine – stripes of cat
    2 triangular shape (forgot name) on desk – triangle on paper roll basket
    3 door knob – headphones
    4 that thing to adjust the lamp – the other thing to adjust the thing on the desk
    5 handle on drawer – red wall thing on the right
    6 foliage of plant – his hair jeje
    7 back chair support – that odd thing on his desk, the one that isn’t the lamp

  7. Rasul | Profile

    The seven shapes:

    The cat’s skin patern and the volverine picture
    the triange on the drawing board and the box of stored drawings
    the door knob and his head set
    the ruller clip and the back of his chair support
    the arm for the rullers and the arm for the light
    the height adjustment knob of the chair and the drawing table
    His hair and the green patch above what it seems to be a rainbow? behind the radio

  8. onfire | Profile

    and the 4th missle being launched…

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