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Smiley Puzzle Game Contest

Kind of a long weekend here in the US, so figured I’d open up a contest for our regular readers: Come Monday morning, the person with the highest score on the smiley puzzle game (challenge mode) will get a free RUNES package.

Smiley puzzle is a lot of fun (although I still struggle getting past level 8!) It’s definitely a brain game, and exercises your pattern recognition ability, visual memory, mental flexibility, concentration, processing speed.

Going to clear the current high scores so we can start from scratch. Also fixed the database/page so that your name only appears once (with your highest score).

Update: Looks like Lola finished 1st, with Ladana a very close 2nd. Anastasia and Suineg weren’t too far behind in 3rd and 4th.

Lola, please send me an email ( so we can arrange to ship out RUNES. Ladana, Anastasia, & Suineg: Good job too; if you’d like a free PLEXUS puzzle or Smartkit Sudoku, let me know and will send.

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