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A nice gesture

Let’s test your powers of observation….

Something is not right with this picture. Can you figure it out?

Here are several earlier Find the Fault picture puzzles you can try.

Feel free to submit your answer in the comments section below. As always, will unmask answers in a day or 2, thanks.

Since we’ve been going heavy on the visual puzzles the past couple weeks, should have a couple of good math puzzles/brain teasers just around the corner….

28 Comments to “A nice gesture”

  1. falwan | Profile

    bicycle pedals should be on a straight line opposite each other…

    to stop or park the bicycle, pedal has to lean backword…not forword, not perpendicular on sidewalk.

    bicycle should be behind the car.

    hope you understand my “broken” English!

  2. doar823 | Profile

    clearly the car is illegally parked on the wrong side of the road…maybe

  3. michaelc | Profile

    The bicycle will be hard to peddle. The pedddles are at a 135° (225°) angle. All the ones I’ve ever seen (and tried to peddle) are at 180°C.

  4. bigbossSNK | Profile

    The bicycle’s pedals aren’t at a 180 degree angle

  5. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think the car is missing a door handle in the left side of a car, thats the main error I have seen in the picture.
    Other errors can be:
    The proportion of the shadows are not quite right, but that is too subjective.

    If they are in England or Australy( for the position of the steering wheel) could be an error in the number of the plaque)

  6. sven254 | Profile

    The pedals on the bike are not 180° apart.

    It is OK that the pedal is being used to support the bike on the curb (no kickstand), but the pedal on the orad side should be straight up, and is not.

  7. abeshua | Profile

    the pedals are not aligned properly on the bike and also if the box on the bike is for the flowers it is to small for it

  8. sebbie3000 | Profile

    There are no spokes in the basket attached to the bicycle, either on the sides or on the bottom of it – anything placed in it would fall out. Not a very practical design!

    Also, the man in the car is wearing a green jacket against red upholstery – and everyone knows that: “red and green should never be seen” when it comes to fashion!

  9. lograh | Profile

    the ‘basket’ on the front of the bike wouldn’t carry much, as it’s just a metal frame. I’m guessing it was made to carry the wooden box that is holding the flowers, though, so that’s not likely the “error” in this picture. Poor basket design doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

    I see handbrakes on the bike (at least, that’s what I think those are) but I don’t see any cables. Is lack of detail an “error”?

    The bike doesn’t have a kickstand but it’s standing up — however, I’ve actually stood my bike using the pedal on a square curb just like it’s done in the picture so I know it’s possible. Hard, sure, but possible. Still, it’s not something people do often so is that supposed to be the ‘error’?

    Ah-ha! got it! The lighting is off! The shadow on the car implies the sun is just about directly overhead, the shadow on the man in brown implies the sun is coming from the right at about 11:00 time, the shadow on the man in gray is at a different angle than the one from the man in brown (and one of his legs doesn’t seem to cast a shadow at all), and the highlights on the car paint job imply the sun is coming from the left at about 3:00.

    Or am I missing something way more obvious? :)

  10. Gray-T | Profile

    the flowers definitely should be given to the lady waiting in the car.
    leaving out this guy in the business suit could also look more like the billy-joel-uptown-girl story most people want to see…

    (sorry RK, I know, I missed the point of this riddle…did I ?)

  11. Eightball | Profile

    Look out! You parked your car (and the bike) on the wrong side of the road (note the right-hand steering arrangement) and there’s a lorry coming that won’t be able to stop before smashing into your poor wife!

  12. sue hal | Profile

    Even though the picture is on a street in a foriegn country, the shadow of the man getting the flowers is not in proper line with all the others. Also, the bicycle foot pedals seem to be not spaced properly or maybe the young man fell down and never fixed his bike.

  13. jasc | Profile

    no kickstand

  14. RampantSteel | Profile

    There are no sides or bottom on the bicycles basket, just the framework.

  15. nikahmad | Profile

    the pedal is not in the right position..

  16. bilbao | Profile

    pedals in the bycicle should make 180 degrees between them

  17. zenitth | Profile

    i’m usually way off base on these, but here goes:

    the bike has no kickstand—quite the balancing act.

  18. jae113 | Profile

    The shadows and the sun glare on the car don’t match.

  19. jae113 | Profile

    The shadows of the people, car and bike don’t match the sun glare on the car.

  20. dianne | Profile

    the car and bike are facing the wrong way…. unless it’s a one-way street.

  21. VMcNaughton | Profile

    At first I thought the steering wheel was on the wrong side, but seeing as the car is parked on the “left-side” of the street, it leads me to believe that the picture could have taken place in England…

    But I also noticed the bike has no kick stand. Eventhough the pedal is resting on the curb, I don’t think it would keep the bike from falling…

  22. RK | Founder | Profile

    As VMcNaughton notes, the steering wheel configuration and location of the car would be appropriate in some countries.

    However, as falwan, michaelc, bigbossSNK, sven254, abeshua, sue hal, nikahmad, bilbao, describe: the bike pedals should be at 180 angle. This is the main fault we were looking for.

    Jasc, zenith and lograh are right about the kickstand, and sebie3000 and others are correct about the basket and lack of door handle. these are the “minor faults” :)

    And Gray-T always manages to get me to see the puzzle from another angle. Yes, now that I look more closely, the suit does have a funny manner about him :)

  23. dappled_dog | Profile

    …isn’t the lady on the wrong side of her car according to her type of license plate? It looks like one from Europe, and they drive on the opposite side….right?

  24. aerofighter87 | Profile

    The Bicycle basket has no meshing. There’s only the frame, no outer lining

  25. Tsopi | Profile

    three things bother me.The bycicles basket has nothing on the bottom to prevent any stuff from falling, it’s tires are white…and the colour of the road seen through the cat is white while it should be pinky kind of…

  26. 10dulkar | Profile

    I came across a number of possible faults (errors).

    1. The bicycle pedals are not 180 degrees apart.

    2. The basket in front of the bicycle has no base netting to hold things (not too practical huh?).

    3. The Car has no external mirrors.I believe that each car should have the external left & right mirrors.

  27. neutrondisciple | Profile

    The driver is not infront of the steering wheel.

  28. ToTheEnd | Profile

    First of all, you drive down the right side of the street, not the left. The transportation devices should not be facing that way. Then there are these other peculiarities.

    1. The flower boys basket has no sides, but more importantly, no bottom side, and seeing as the flower basket has no rim to rest on the basket in the first place, it’s useless. This is assuming the flower guy is the one in the brown suit top. This is almost an infallible assumption, seeing as his body language is that of a man making a proposition and the man in the gray suit’s, is that of a man listening to a proposition. This theory is also most likely to be true because the man in the brown jacket is standing closer to the bike. Bear in mind, this is a thesis, it is not a conclusion. One would need to do more observing to know for sure.

    2. Suit is a little out of the price range of a man on a bike. (Not necessarily a fault, but I’m sure if he invested in a car and not suits, his flowers wouldn’t be wind-blown.)

    3. Observing the angle of the curb, the car appears to have the front end out in the road, could almost get sideswiped. (More of an observation of the drawing, not a fault).

    4. Shine on the left side of the car is completely out of place. Observe the indentions of the area above the left front tire.

    5. Bike pedals are off, one is straight down, the other should be straight up.

    6. No axle on front tire.

    7. The steering wheel is also on the wrong side of the dash in the car. If you faced the car in the right direction, the steering wheel would be on the inside of the curb.

    8. Also, there is no shadow being cast by the bike pedal.

    9.Oh and let’s not forget, in the image, the basket is attatched to the wheels.

    All in all, a fairly accurate image.

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