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LoveFilm’s 100 Movie Picture Puzzle

Here’s something a little different from what normally gets posted at Smartkit, and if you’re a movie buff, I think you’ll like this one:

There are 100 film references in the picture puzzle below; how many can you figure out?

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To make it interesting, how about each commenter leave only 1 or 2 films per comment? [comments entered will go live immediately]


32 Comments to “LoveFilm’s 100 Movie Picture Puzzle”

  1. varsha | Profile

    Baby’s Dayout

  2. Margot | Profile

    Interview with a Vampire

  3. PMiLLz | Profile

    The Tuxedo
    Bowling For Columbine

  4. joe | Profile

    Green Mile

  5. sharrey2 | Profile

    thank you for smoking

  6. Kira | Profile

    A Street Car named Desire
    A Fish called Wanda

  7. falwan | Profile

    last tango in paris

  8. sharrey2 | Profile

    the queen
    a good year
    8 miles

  9. mbetush | Profile

    the rock

  10. Kiko13 | Profile

    Thank You For Smoking

  11. o_xangelx_o | Profile

    Million Dollar Baby
    Cheaper by the Dozen

  12. o_xangelx_o | Profile

    The Crow
    Three Kings

  13. bvan23 | Profile


  14. kaligilbert3 | Profile

    the guardian
    3000 miles to graceland
    white oleander

  15. hubbabubba | Profile

    3000 miles to graceland
    three kings
    a clockwork orange
    happy feet
    the piano
    cheaper by the dozen
    pan’s labyrinth
    shaolin soccer
    bowling for columbine

    the cat in the hat
    the mexican
    the postman
    the guardian
    interview with the vampire

    the tuxedo
    a fish called wanda
    8 mile
    chicken little
    matchstick man
    the hitchhiker
    million dolar baby

    people vs larry flint
    he-man masters of the universe
    whale rider
    david copperfield
    american pie
    One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
    The gift
    Iron eagle

    Thank you for smoking
    Green mile
    Coffee and cigarettes
    The eye
    The red violin
    Battleship Potemkin
    The deer hunter
    Sunset blvd

    The saint
    Buffalo 66
    The running man
    Iron eagle II: The battle beyond the flag
    Devil in a blue dress
    A good year
    bulletproof monk

    Harry potter??
    the van
    duck soup
    yellow submarine
    two doors
    Nine queens

  16. joe | Profile

    I thought we were going to post 1 or 2 each, well thats that one done then.

  17. hubbabubba | Profile

    @ Joe:

    Sorry, I really didn’t see those two lines.

    Otherwise I certainly wouldn’t have post all my answers.

    Luckily you don’t see them immediately since you have to scroll a bit.

    Another thing: I still haven’t found all 100 of them :-) and some of my answers I’m not 100% sure about.

    Sorry again.

  18. joe | Profile

    no problem at all, you´ve done a bloody good job too, yes a few to get still..

  19. hubbabubba | Profile

    Does someone have any clue on the parts below?

    Blue pack under Mickey Mouse?
    Old guy with bottle behind the baby?
    Hustler magazine = Larry Flint??
    Guy on the couch?
    Pink pillow?
    Pillow with flower on it?
    Guy in red with 8.5 (right under Graceland sign)?
    Left next to “Pan’s labyrinth: what hangs there?
    What’s with the stuntman in the middle?
    The box on the couch?
    Prince harry?
    Princess Diana?
    Einstein with an unusual body?
    The dragon on the shelf?
    The bodybuilder left of the monster/dragon?
    The snake?
    The canoe man (left of Prince harry)?
    What is in front of Prince Harry and what is he carrying?
    What’s with the ‘metro’?
    What’s with 4144 (metro)?
    What’s with 20:46 (clock)?
    What’s with the bananas?
    What’s with the three red/white candy’s?

    Thanks in advance!

  20. joe | Profile

    blue pack is ERASER..there is a film called THE HUSTLER so maybe its that, next to the Pan seems to be a CUTTER (The Cutter?). Prince Harry seems to be taking something so PRINCE OF THIEVES? Einstein YOUNG EINSTEIN perhaps? the snake COBRA and the banas well the fil BANANAS comes to mind.. the candy, could simply be CANDY .. and as for the guy rowing, he seems to have no oar so I think there was also an old film called THE STOLEN OAR.. Hope i have jogged a few ideas..

  21. xlisaxmichellex | Profile

    babys day out
    happy feet
    3 kings
    green street
    8 mile
    green mile
    guess who
    pans labrinth
    the eye
    cheaper by the dozen
    hard candy
    the crow
    micky blue eyes

  22. Kiko13 | Profile

    I had a few different answers than hubbahubba:
    White Chicks (as opposed to Chicken Little) – the chicks are white, figured that was for a reason.
    The Hustler (as opposed to People vs. Larry Flint)
    Pi (as opposed to American Pie) – if there was a flag next to the pie, I’d agree with American Pie

    For some of hubbahubba’s questions:
    What’s with the stuntman in the middle? I said Daredevil.
    The box on the couch? I said Sideways.
    Left next to “Pan’s labyrinth: what hangs there? I believe it’s an ice cream scoop and there is a movie called Scoop.

  23. kaligilbert3 | Profile

    the pillow with the flower was white oleander!

  24. wizbeck | Profile

    I think the flower on the pillow is a Magnolia with a Steel sword pointing to it-Steel Magnolias

  25. salamond | Profile

    Einstein with odd body – Fat Albert

  26. alexis | Profile

    the guy rowing with no oar is “without a paddle”

  27. VMcNaughton | Profile

    In response to one of hubbabubba’s questions…

    The guy on the couch is a Rapper named “The Game”… I’m pretty sure there’s a movie called “The Game”…

  28. mfeex | Profile

    So much for everyone listing one or two. Thanks guys! You could always use a paper and pen if you HAD to find more. anyway…my ONE guess:
    Silence Of the Lambs

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