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A Love Story (Puzzle)

He said I was beautiful, he did, I assure you; and I know he was right, for my skin was as soft as satin, and white like ivory, my figure slender and elegant.

Our first meeting was in a shop, and he made no attempt to disguise his admiration. He praised me up to the skies and called me “very dear.” From that day and for many months we were inseparable. I occupied all his thoughts.

Again and again he gazed with indescribable affection at my wonderful complexion, my graceful figure, and pressed me to his lips.

His embrace was tenderness itself, and whenever some trifling accident marred my beauty-if only for a day-his anxious solicitude knew no bounds. At night I rested on velvet pillows, and by day I accompanied him wherever he went.

He always enjoyed my society, even when nothing else afforded him pleasure.

He would turn to me, and not in vain, for comfort and relief when all other friends proved faithless. Oh! why was it not fated to be ever thus?

Alas! one day in a public thoroughfare I had a heavy fall, and, though it was through his fault, I was never the same to him as before. This cruel misadventure fairly broke me down. True, he endeavored afterwards to make amends for his harsh treatment.

He treated me with the greatest consideration and loaded me with silver; but the light of former days had gone out.

He tried to leave me as before, but in vain; his feelings had undergone a complete change, and now I am nothing but a miserable wreck of my former self.

Here I lie, all alone in my sorrow, a forsaken, broken —-?

This story can be completed by the use of one word. How many of you can figure it out? (submit your answer in the comment section below; will unmask in a day or 2!)

49 Comments to “A Love Story (Puzzle)”

  1. falwan | Profile


  2. bobg | Profile

    pet (dog) ?

    The 3rd paragraph from the end throws me off that though… loaded with silver?

    maybe a cellphone? (lips to the mouthpiece)

  3. polo | Profile

    a cigarette

  4. b | Profile

    i think the last word is woman. possibly girl?
    or loner!!

  5. zenitth | Profile

    a handkerchief?

  6. anik | Profile

    mobile phone

  7. joe | Profile

    I thought an angel because it seems to fit in with all the other comments… Skin like satin, white as ivory
    Looking up to the skies in praise.. a guardian angel would be inseparable. The bad fall (a fallen angel). A forsaken broken angel.. ?
    Not sure about the silver, but I have heard of a silver angel.
    I dont think she is litrerally an angel in the story but just that it all ties up in her descriptions and would complete the story.

  8. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    it can be a microphone too, but cell phone its a really good answer

  9. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    cell phone is more general so, its a better answer that microphone, because it only applies to a musician.

  10. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    I was thinking about a pair of glasses, but I like the cellphone idea better.

  11. sdwoodchuck | Profile

    Uhh… a prosthetic hand?

  12. thermalhermit | Profile

    how does silver and cell phone correlate?

    I think it was a little white money sack/bag.

  13. RK | Founder | Profile

    One of the answers submitted above is the one we were looking for….

  14. tclegler | Profile

    a silver handled cane

  15. tad | Profile

    from the answers above, I think mirror is the correct answer.

  16. zenitth | Profile

    i still think handkerchief, with the silver being a needle to repair it after the ‘heavy fall’, for which he had to make amends.

  17. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    I can’t get past the passage “at night I rested on velvet pillows.” Not a cellphone. Not a handkerchief. Maybe a mirror. Certainly a pair of eyeglasses in a velvet-lined case.

    Press to his lips to fog the lenses for cleaning.

    Trifling accident marred my beauty = a smudge that must be cleaned.

    Loaded with silver – tried to repair with solder, new screws.

    Inseparable, went with him everywhere – so that he could see!

  18. sven254 | Profile

    An ivory pipe?

  19. Mercedes | Profile

    I think the answer is “Arrow”..I don’t know

  20. zenitth | Profile

    ok, now i like pipe as well as handkerchief (still!). but the bit about being ‘loaded with silver’ stumps me. could it be somethng used to tamp down the tobacco? or maybe he tried to solder/weld it back together!

  21. alice | Profile

    I like mirror, I also thought coat because sometimes they have a silver lining.

  22. alice | Profile

    ok not coat. thats silly. my skin was as soft as satin, and rested on red velvet pillows, thats got me stumped.

  23. alice | Profile

    what about a wrist or pocket watch… loaded me with silver…. batteries?

  24. SirNachoman | Profile

    A gun? Loaded me with silver= bullets
    People keep guns under pillows for safekeeping
    Kiss the gun for luck before firing- ‘pressed it to my lips’
    The skin bit… smooth silver of a gun, some old ones might actually have been made of ivory

  25. SirNachoman | Profile

    Or maybe on the napkin idea, loaded me with silver could be leaving his tips in it in a restaurant

  26. joe | Profile

    Yes I like gun, though RK says its one of the above his last comment… Im still not sure if we are trying to find an actual object that is speaking , or if it actually a woman who makes references to herself in such a way that it all ties up with my guess of angel, though im starting to doubt it if no one else going that way.. Turning out to be interesting though. Whats the answer RK? pleeeease

  27. MattHogan | Profile

    My first assumption was that it was a cell phone of sorts. The silver and cell phone correlate by the man buying a casing/shell after the drop.

  28. RK | Founder | Profile

    Official answer= Pipe

    “He would turn to me, and not in vain, for comfort and relief when all other friends proved faithless”-

    Tobacco contains nicotine, which exerts a very relaxing effect on its users. Many have argued nicotine is one of the most addicting substances on the planet, even more so than heroin or cocaine.

    the cellphone answer is also very good

  29. garedhead | Profile

    Please explain the “trifling accident that marred my beauty if only for a day” in relation to a pipe. And “loaded me with silver?” And why would breaking the pipe cause his feelings to undergo a complete change?

  30. alice | Profile

    I also thought a pack of cigaretts. rested on velvet cusions could be his lips. except the marred my beauty, filled me with silver part it doesnt work for me. like the gun idea.

  31. RK | Founder | Profile

    “loaded me with silver”: “Pipe and stem repair is a very common necessity for many pipe smokers. Every once in a while, a stem gets broken, a cracked shank or even a good cleaning is required.The best way to tighen a loose stem is to buy a Stem Tightener Kit. The Stem Tightener Kit is a set of six tapered steel pins that you slide into the tenon airhole.”

    “He tried to leave me as before”-he tried to fix the pipe, but couldn’t. Probably had to go buy another one.

  32. LindaS1219 | Profile


  33. hot asien teen | Profile


  34. Eightball | Profile


  35. santosh j | Profile

    u need quartz for a watch to work
    that wat is called as silver,,,,,,,

  36. Kat3 | Profile

    The answer is definately, wife.
    It works.

  37. thermalhermit | Profile

    it’s a small white money sack… so shutup.

  38. olive | Profile

    I just joined… what was the answer? a tooth?

  39. RK | Founder | Profile

    Hi Olive, official answer: A Pipe

  40. sofia alonso | Profile

    Woman :(( :((

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