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Mystery Photo #4

Below, we’ve taken a relatively small section from a photo, and enlarged it.

What do you think the original object is?

Will unmask answers in about a day.

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14 Comments to “Mystery Photo #4”

  1. sven254 | Profile

    A screen from a window or a door.

    Given the low depth of field, the picture is probably taken at a high magnification.

  2. jhtz4sky | Profile

    It looks a lot like a building to me, so I’ll go with building. It could be a lot of other stuff though.

  3. muteddragon | Profile

    Looks like a cooling rack. The lines are too close to be grills I think.

  4. sdwoodchuck | Profile

    Tennis Racket?

  5. kwarks | Profile

    guitar fretboard?

  6. joe | Profile

    the mesh part of some filter

  7. joe | Profile

    Sorry to have anoher guess but i think i have it. A GUITAR… the neck part, what we see are the strings along the frets.

  8. Apham27 | Profile

    looks like a guitar neck

  9. Thomas | Profile

    I was going to go for a hamster cage floor. ;)

  10. LindaS1219 | Profile

    high rise building

  11. ali | Profile


  12. kakerz696 | Profile

    a guitar!!!

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