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Behind the Lens

Five photographers have entered a photography competition. Can you work out the subject of each photograph taken by each of the five, together with the make of the camera and the filter they used to take their shot?

1- The women don’t use F-stop cameras. The Focuswell fan used a polariser filter.

2- Colin takes still life shots, never with a Polariser or an F-stop camera.

3- Jodie took a picture of some birds using a sunset filter, while Marcus used a rainbow filter.

4- Jacqui used a soft focus filter. The F-stop user took a landscape photo; Jodie lovers her SlickShoot camera.

5- The Aperture camera was used to take the portrait photo.

logic grid

It maybe be helpful to print out the grid and table above.

Use the 1st grid to help solve the puzzle. As you read through the clues, place a ‘Y’ (yes) or ‘N’ (no) in each box, depending on whether the intersecting elements are true or not.

You can use the bottom table to place your answers.

These types of logic puzzles are another great way to improve your thinking skills; If you’ve never solved one before, and would like some additional help, here are some detailed instructions you can read through.

Will unmask any submitted answers in a couple days, thanks.

16 Comments to “Behind the Lens”

  1. runninfool | Profile

    Colin…Still Life…PointClick…Warm-up

    Dev…Dogs…Focus Well…Polarizer

    Jacqui…Portrait…Aperture…Soft Focus



  2. ashleymarieeee | Profile

    name- subject- make of camera- filter

    colin- still life- point click- warmup
    dev- dogs- focuswell- polarizer
    jacqui- portrait- aperture- softfocus
    jodie- birds- slickshoot- sunset
    marcus- landscape- f.stop- rainbow

    took some time, and a bit of logic, theres a harder one out there that deals with house colors, cigar brands, house order and pets, it’s fun.

  3. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    Colin : StillLife, PointClick, WarmUp
    Dev : Dogs, Focuswell, Polariser
    Jacqui : Portrait, Aperture, SoftFocus
    Jodie : Birds, SlickShoot, Sunset
    Marcus : Landscape, F-Stop, Rainbow

  4. Anastasia11 | Profile

    Jodie birds slickshoot sunset
    Colin still-life pointclick warmup
    Dev dogs focuswell polariser
    Jacqui portrait aperture soft-focus
    Marcus landscape F-stop rainbow

  5. mroth01 | Profile

    I think I got this right…

    Colin Still Life PointClick WarmUp
    Dev Dogs Focuswell Polarisor
    Jacqui Portrait Aperture Soft Focus
    Jodie Birds Slickshoot Sunset
    Marcus Landscape F-stop Rainbow

  6. lograh | Profile

    Colin shot the Still life using a PointClick camera and a Warm-up filter.
    Dev shot the dogs using a Focuswell camera and a Polariser filter (an interesting choice for that subject).
    Jacqui shot the Portrait with an Aperture camera through a Soft focus filter (all the rage for Portraits these days).
    Jodie shot the birds with her SlickShoot camera using a Sunset filter.
    Marcus shot the Landscape using an F-Stop camera and a Rainbow filter (another interesting choice).

    All told, I hope they got some nice pictures!

  7. jasc | Profile

    Colin: Still life, Point Click, Warm-up
    Dev: Dogs, Focuswell, Polariser
    Jacqui: Portrait, Aperture, Soft focus
    Jodie: Birds, SlickShoot, Sunset
    Marcus: Landscape, F-Stop, Rainbow

  8. jesroylak | Profile

    Colin still life point and click warm-up
    Dev Dogs focuswell polariser
    Jacqui portrait aperature soft focus
    Jodie birds slick shot sunset
    Marcus landscape Fstop Rainbow

  9. aaronlau | Profile

    Some things the question has left out.

  10. aaronlau | Profile

    Some things the question has left out.
    1. No repeat of the subject, camera, lens for each person.
    2. Which names are male or female? Isn’t immediately straightforward, especially Dev.
    3. It can’t be done without the table because warmup, dogs and pointclick were never mentioned in the hints.

    jodie – birds – slickshot – sunset
    marcus – landscape – fstop – rainbow
    colin – still life- pointclick – warm up
    jacqui – portrait – apenture – soft focus
    dev – dogs – focuswell – polariser

  11. jenga | Profile

    First attempt at logic puzzle so bear with me:

    – Still Life, Colin, Point Click, Warmup
    – Dogs, Dev, Focus Well, Polariser
    – Portrait, Jacqui, Aperture, Soft Focus
    – Birds, Jodie, Slick Shoot, Sunset
    – Landscape, Marcus, F-Stop, Rainbow

  12. Kira | Profile

    I got

    Colin: still life, Point ‘n’ Click camera, warm-up filter
    Dev: dogs, Focuswell camera, Polarizer filter
    Jacqui: portrait, Aperture camera, soft-focus filter
    Jodie: birds, SlickShoot camera, sunset filter
    Marcus: landscape, F-stop camera, rainbow filter

    This was fun to do over lunch yesterday, thanks!! i hope it’s right

  13. tad | Profile

    Colin, Still Life, PointClick, Warm-up

    Dev, Dogs, Focuswell, Polariser

    Jacqui, Portrait, Aperture, Soft Focus

    Jodie, Birds, Slickshoot, Sunset

    Marcus, Landscape, F-Stop, Rainbow

  14. abcbcdcdef | Profile

    Colin: warmup, pointclick, still life
    Dev: polariser, Focuswell, dogs
    Marcus: rainbow, F-stop, landscape
    Jacqui: soft focus, Aperture, portrait
    Jodie: sunset slickshot, birds

    Finding out what Jodie used and took is a no-brainer, statement 4 and 5 said it all. And so by elimination, this answer is the one I come up with, kind of simple actually, I didn’t bother to use the table.XD

  15. RK | Founder | Profile

    Glad you guys liked this type of puzzle; have a similar, harder one which we’ll put up in 2-3 weeks.

    Valid points, aaronlau. Will keep in mind for future logic puzzles : )

  16. zadasmommy | Profile

    LMAO it is supposed to leave some things out in the hints and YOU are supposed to use process of elimination to figure out the rest…that is why it is a puzzle that requires use of your brain…as for those of you who said that you cannot do it without a table…um ya u can, some people have a great retention…oh, wait, is retention too big of a word for some of you?

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