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Hidden Treasures

pirate treasure puzzle

For this picture puzzle, there are 7 shapes that are used twice (object doubles). Can you find them?

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17 Comments to “Hidden Treasures”

  1. lograh | Profile

    Things that are good matches:
    His hat matches the trunk lid.
    The paper in his hands matches the paper rolled up in the lower-right.
    The door handle matches the curve at the top right of the chair.
    One of the feathers in his hat matches the bird’s tail.
    His foot (on the left as viewed by us) matches the front-left leg of the chair.

    Can’t seem to find the last two.

    Here are some things that kinda match, but I’m not sure they are close enough to count (either that, or I don’t think they are what you are asking for).
    His left eye kinda matches the door’s keyhole.
    The divot in his hat kinda matches that of the top of one of the barrels.
    The bird’s toes match.
    His buttons match.
    The top of the jewel box in the chest kinda matches the top of the rolled up paper.
    The border of the carpet contains quite a few matching angles.

  2. Kira | Profile

    So far i have

    1. the pink jewel thing and the centre of the rolled map
    2. parrot’s tail and feather in pirate’s hat
    3. side of tripoint pirate hat and side of treasure chest
    4. the front left chair leg and the pirate’s left leg (facing us)
    5. the decoration on the right side of the back of the chair and the door handle
    6. notch in the wood of the chest to the right and in the rolled map (not sure of this one)

    i can’t see the 7th, still looking! :)

  3. aaronlau | Profile

    1: 2 triangles on the carpet
    2: Right leg shoe, chair leg
    3: 2 legs of chair
    4: bottom left treasure circle, bottom right map circle
    5: pirate hat feather, parrot tail
    6: door handle, chair backrest design
    7: treasure chest side, pirate hat side

  4. jesroylak | Profile

    Bird tail feather and the thing on the hat
    Top of the scroll and the jewelry box
    Hour glass and the curtains
    Door handle and the top of the chair
    Sword sheath and a piece of the barrel
    Pattern on the floor and the map measuring tool
    Pirate boot and the chair leg

  5. TriniDeeds | Profile

    1. Captain’s right leg = chair (front left leg)
    2. Parrot tail = “tail” in captain’s hat
    3. Door handle = decor on back of chair
    4. Curtain sash = parrot claw
    5. Curtain drape = captain’s beard
    6. Captain’s hat brim = side of treasure chest lid
    7. Ring gem = top of “map” cylinder located by desk

  6. tumeke | Profile

    Oh I see,

    Chair leg doubles as pirates foot;
    Upper chair detailing doubles as door handle;
    Pink gem stone thingy as middle roll of scroll;
    Side of hat and side of treasure chest;
    Piece of paper being read, and piece of paper on the outside of scroll;
    Knife blade in curtain bunch;
    and ?Lantern handle and compass string?

  7. joe | Profile

    I found:
    1) Parrots long tail / One of the pirates head feathers
    2) Chair´s leg / pirates right leg (left as we see it)
    3) parchment paper being read / rolled up paper behind the chair
    4) Treasure box cover / pirates hat
    5) Door handle / chair-back´s upper design
    6) Pirate´s sword / one of left curtain´s fold
    7) Ruby colour shape on the small golden jewellery box / Top of the rolled up parchment behind the chair

  8. Diego | Profile

    1. his hat and the side of the chest
    2. his sword and part of the left curtain
    3. sheet of paper on his hand and the rolled paper on the crate
    4. door handle and the back of the chair
    5. his left boot and the front-left chair leg
    6. one of his hat feathers and the paraquet tail
    7. compass and hole on the barrel on the left

    im pretty sure im wrong on #7

  9. bobg | Profile

    My list:

    1. His Sword and the the Curtain
    2. His hat on the left, and the top of the chest on the right
    3. Door handle – top back right of chair
    4. Paper in Pirate’s hand, Paper in roll
    5. Jewel on box, top of paper roll
    6. Parrot’s tail, Pirates hat feather
    7. ?

  10. RK | Founder | Profile

    Take a look at Falwan’s image, he’s nicely points them all out. Joe lists them all too.

    The rest of you came very close, most getting 6 out of 7. I thought the pirate’s sword/curtain combo was fairly tricky….

  11. Breezy22 | Profile

    well this is what I found:

    1. Pirates feather–Parrots Tail
    2. Side of Pirates Hat–Top of treasure chest
    3. Pirates boot–Chair leg
    4. Door handle–Top of Chair
    5. Parrots foot–Knot in curtain
    6. Pink Jewel–Top of rolled up paper
    7. His Knife Blade–Left Curtain

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  14. machman | Profile

    1 chair leg = 1 blue booted leg; top of scroll in hand = 1 side of rolled, on-end scroll; parrot’s tail feather = plain feather in pirate’s hat; 2 rear legs of chair; 1 side of pirates hat = side of electric fire on floor; curved door handle = carving on left top of chair; top shape of rolled scroll = gem on top of small casket; 2 small square glass panes top of door.

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