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Housing Boom

Something is not right with this picture. Can you figure it out?

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find the fault puzzle card housing boom

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47 Comments to “Housing Boom”

  1. Ari | Profile

    He has a funny way of laying those bricks. One should lay them from down to up. Surely you can do it that way, but it takes ages complete.

  2. jesroylak | Profile

    The roof is already built and there seems to be rafters in the picture.

  3. Kllr Wolf | Profile

    The shingles are being put on wrong. The proper way would be to start at the bottom of the room and work upwards to the top.

  4. Margot | Profile

    You shingle a roof from the bottom up, so each layer of shingles lays on top of the previous layer. In this picture he’s shingling from the top down, so each layer would have to somehow be pushed up underneath the already nailed down shingles.

  5. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Roof tiles should be laid bottom to top

  6. falwan | Profile

    1) Kind of hard to go up the ladder with only one hand while carrying a load!

    2) No upper beams for upper windows!

  7. NitzOO | Profile

    I’m guessing that he can’t look right because his head should float.Or maybe he’s a giraffe.

  8. joe | Profile

    Tiles on roofs are laid from the bottom up, the builder has started at the top.

  9. sven254 | Profile

    Shingles are installed from the bottom of the roof first, and the top last, in order to achieve the correct overlap.

  10. garedhead | Profile

    Don’t you usually put shingles on from the bottom of the roof and work your way up to the top?

  11. zxo | Profile

    You don’t shingle a roof from the top down!

  12. mroth01 | Profile

    He would probably finish the roof faster if he installed it from bottom to top; it would also avoid funneling the rain directly into the home.
    I’m not going to hire that builder. =-P

    Something about one of the windows irks me, but I can’t put my finger on it.

  13. lograh | Profile

    Well, the frame on the window on the shadowed side seems to be a bit off, but what is more interesting is the roofing is being put on backwards. Normally you’d start at the bottom, and layer going up, so that the ones higher on the roof are on top of those lower — thus the water runs off better and is less likely to get between them.

    Also, the ladder is rather over-angled to the house, it should be perhaps a little steeper to prevent over-stressing the ladder. But I’m guessing that wasn’t what you had in mind.

  14. PMiLLz | Profile

    When you shingle, you start from the bottom and work your way up.

  15. Kira | Profile

    hingles – how’s he able to work from TOP to BOTTOM with nothing to stand on?

  16. pedstar | Profile

    To tile a house, I think the tiles must overlap the row below, so you must start tiling from the bottom and work upwards. The picture shows someone starting from the top and working downwards.

  17. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    When you shingle a roof, you start at the bottom and work your way to the peak. Otherwise, the shingles would overlap the wrong way, and water would get underneath them and into the top floor of the house

  18. tad | Profile

    When putting shingles on a house, you need to start at the bottom and work up.

  19. jasc | Profile

    shingles to start at bottom

  20. jay | Profile

    Haha, shingle roofing tiles are supposed to be nailed down from the eaves to the tip of pitched roofs (bottom to top)…

  21. michaelc | Profile

    A couple of comments.

    Usually roofers start at the bottom of the eave and work to the top of the ridge to tie off the 2 sides with a ridge row. This roofer has went backwards. It’s going to take him quite some time to nail all of this shingles on backwards.

    Can’t really tell what he’s carrying up the ladder, but he can’t maintain 3 point contact carrying a box on his shoulder. That’s just unsafe, not really a fault.

    If he is carrying asphalt shingles to install, the underlayment needs to be some type of solid sheating topped with roofing felt. Again, not exactly a fault, just bad building practices.

    I would not recommend this contractor! :)

  22. marioberges | Profile

    He can’t go up the ladder while holding the tiles with one hand.

  23. runninfool | Profile

    It doesn’t look like there is any sheathing on the roof, but mainly you shingle from bottom up.

  24. mgillig | Profile

    When laying a roof you start at the bottom?

  25. kaligilbert3 | Profile

    the tiles should be layed starting at the bottom first, finidhing at the top. alos i may be wrong but i think the door generally opens from the right.

  26. Rasul | Profile

    The roofer has started the shingles from the the top. The shingles need to be started from the bottom so that the next row could go on top of the prvious one to have water slide over the shingles. In this picture the water would leak thru the roof

  27. zenitth | Profile

    doorknob’s on the wrong side.

  28. jdshue | Profile

    I’m sure that builder is having a hard time laying shingles from the top of the roof going down. I would recommend going from the bottom up.

  29. da Moose | Profile

    Though the builder throws a shadow on the ladder, neither the builder nor the ladder throw a shadow on the house.

  30. sebbie3000 | Profile

    The tiling is wrong – you start from the bottom and work up, laying the next level slightly overlapping the lower level.

  31. Anastasia11 | Profile

    You tile a roof starting from the bottom not from the top.

  32. microu | Profile

    base of the ladder looks like twisted, it should be other way

  33. doar823 | Profile

    Shingles start from the bottom and go up?

  34. fozzie33 | Profile

    when shingling a roof, you start from the bottom and go down, not from the top….

  35. NzKiwi | Profile

    Roofs are normally tiled from the bottom of the roof up

  36. tumeke | Profile

    It looks like W. H. Smith forgot to lay down the wax paper underneath the tiles, this house will leak!
    Also the box he is using to take stuff up the ladder has a triangle (sharp) bottom which would dig into his shoulder; and i assume not have a great deal of success sitting on the roof once they’re up there.
    On the down low- i wouldn’t be surprised to find out he wasn’t a real builder.

  37. seanRhoades | Profile

    There’s lots wrong here, it looks as if the man’s head is in the container he’s lugging up the funky ladder, or maybe that’s just someone’s head. Also he is not holding on to it at all but reaching for the next rung with his left hand, I am not sure how he has it balanced on his shoulder. It looks as if one of the rungs is going right through his right leg, just below the knee. I wonder how he built that entire home without any help? The window panes seem to be inconsistent, the one with six panes has a divider at its top left that doesn’t match the others. One of the 2x4s in the middle leaning against the plywood looks like it has an Esher type geometry to it. The plywood needs to be placed on the roof first before the shingles go up. The shadows seem all wrong. I am sure if I had some knowledge about carpentry I could point out much more.

  38. RK | Founder | Profile

    The main answer we had in mind: Roof tiles should be laid bottom to top;

    however, there are some additional faults several of you have also picked on up that are worth reading through; very good!

  39. dreams of escaping | Profile

    I think its the way the guys head is turned. Looks like his neck would snap.

  40. giftorater | Profile

    My guess would be the #5 in the builder’s name instead of an S. Clearly the character in question has a flat top and not curved as an ‘S’ would be.

  41. giftorater | Profile

    Correction to my last guess. I wasn’t aware you could click the image for a closer view. It is obviously an S and I stand corrected. However, I believe the ladder should be casting a shadow on the house.

  42. kakerz696 | Profile

    the sign board..
    while the builder isn’t in business it should not be place there

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  44. migster99 | Profile

    perspective doesn’t seem right, he’d be 1.5 stories tall or about 15 feet (5 metres) tall!

  45. megha03 | Profile

    Since the roof isnt made as yet It could be quite risky for the man whose climbing the ladder … May be the other way round is more safe

  46. bhieko25nadine | Profile

    .the window on the left side

  47. machman | Profile

    the spacing of ladder rungs is different between his 2 feet from all other spacings. There seems to be no felt on the roof before tiling.

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