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Mystery Photo #3

Below, we’ve taken a relatively small section from a photo, and enlarged it.

What do you think the original object is?


This one is kind of tough, so comments will go live as they roll in…

14 Comments to “Mystery Photo #3”

  1. sven254 | Profile

    I looks like the inside of a building under construction, with the red lines as I-beams. The view is either looking straight up through a skylight or out a window.

  2. MrSandMan | Profile

    One of those magnetic sticker that we find on CDs or any other electronics products.

  3. SolarFlare | Profile

    One of those very old fashioned box cameras from the 1920’s (roughly) facing a window which is decorated with diamond patterned lead strips. We are looking through the window at the lens of the camera. (The lead strips are reflecting in the glass of the lens.)

  4. 567kate | Profile

    This is so much harder than the other two!
    It looks like a stairwell to me.

  5. RK | Founder | Profile

    this one is definitely harder; here’s a hint-

    sven is on the right track- the blue is sky

  6. Kllr Wolf | Profile

    It is something that you are looking straight up, since the bracing and color bands. It is more finished than something like a radio tower, since you can seen a nice sun sparkle along the corners up the left hand side.

  7. PMiLLz | Profile

    It looks like we’re looking through the trusses underneath a bridge.

  8. zxo | Profile

    I like the radio tower suggestion, but the perspective makes it seem like the whole thing is a constant width, whereas radio towers usually taper off towards the top. Then again, perspectives can be deceiving.

    Looking up through the pyramid at the Louvre? Maybe a periscope of some sort? I can’t help thinking there’s a mirror in there somewhere…

  9. MattHogan | Profile

    zxo, it is an enlarged section, so if it were a radio tower, it could be only the top part. On that note though, what would the off white be on the radio tower?

    I’m liking the idea of something like the Louvre. I’m going to guess that the off white mentioned earlier is glass of some sort by the glistening in the top left corner.

  10. RK | Profile

    sven254, kllr wolf, zxo, and MattHogan were on the right track with the radio tower, but the other guesses above are pretty reasonable and good too.

    As always, the main thing is to get you thinking while at the same time having some fun in the process. Applause, however, to those who happen to get the right answer (or close to it!)

    Here’s a link to the original photo:

  11. bob123 | Profile

    hmmmm…. that migth be a kite/blanket
    Play Wink

  12. bob123 | Profile

    hmmmm…. a blanket

  13. RK | Founder | Profile


  14. santosh j | Profile

    Looks like chimeny in the roof,,,,

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