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Monday Morning Warm up

Lots of good stuff coming this week. We’re going to have 2-3 posts/day until Wednesday, at which point we’ll put up a brand new flash puzzle game.

Here’s something that won’t rough your brain up too hard for a Monday morning:


What box in the second row should replace the question mark?

Feel free to enter your answer in the comments section; answers to show Tuesday.

32 Comments to “Monday Morning Warm up”

  1. nitwit88 | Profile

    The third one. The big arrow goes from the the corner to the middle to another corner (in an anti-clockwise direction for the corners). The little arrow follows after the big one. That cuts it down to the third and fourth, but the arrow in the fourth is upside down, so the answer is the third.

  2. falwan | Profile

    Most probably this one:

    Arrow goes left then right.

  3. doar823 | Profile

    The + and arrow goes in a pattern of corner-middle-corner-middle and so on. They both go counter-clockwise around the square. The 3rd box is the best one to fit the pattern with the + in the center and arrow in the top right corner.

  4. runninfool | Profile

    The third one:

    Arrow pointing up in top right. Cross in middle.

  5. kreska | Profile

    I guess it will be the third one, cross in the middle and arrow in the right top. symmetry:)

  6. ripfuel45 | Profile

    third box with + in the center and arrow on top right corner. both signs are alternating between one corner and the center in counter-clockwise direction.

  7. kreska | Profile

    I guess it will be the third one, cross in the middle and arrow in the right top, faced up. symmetry:)

  8. Kira | Profile

    the third or middle box, i think

    (the plus sign is moving anti-clockwise every other time – when it’s not in the centre, and the arrow is doing the same)

  9. Hazlewood | Profile

    The 3rd.

    Cross in middle, arrow upper-right.

  10. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    The middle box.

    cross in the middle of the box, up-arrow in the upper righthand corner

  11. columbusjones | Profile

    Long time watcher, first time poster!

    It’s the third/middle one, methinks.

  12. Poynter-Jones | Profile

    Eek. Change my answer to 3…
    I hit the wrong button.
    They’re all going in a counter clockwise direction, the symbols returning to the middle after each change.

  13. SolarFlare | Profile

    The 3rd box from left in the 2nd row is the next in the series.

    In the series both the ‘+’ and the arrow (which always points up) move alternatively between centre and corner, where corner occupied moves anticlockwise by 90 degrees each time. That is:

    Next corner in anticlockwise direction
    Next corner in anticlockwise direction

  14. pieman | Profile

    the box in the middle

  15. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    i think one answer can be : the third box( middle box)

  16. solana | Profile

    the third box, with the cross in the center and the arrow on the top right corner.

  17. RK | Profile

    As Poynter-Jones, SolarFlare, ripfuel45, kira, doar823, nitwit88 explain- the 3rd

  18. TopSmart | Profile

    the third one, + follow arrow
    arrow from corner to corner, and the middle-middle position interrupt between each move

  19. alrogi2000 | Profile

    the third one 100%

  20. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    3rd Box following a counter clockwise movement from center to corner, the + sign shows the hint that the arrow must follow as well.

  21. ibryamo | Profile

    the third one

  22. tahtyanah | Profile

    Arrow Pointed up – Top Left

    Add sign – Middle

  23. mosi | Profile

    3 box is answer

  24. wade_randolph | Profile

    I think you guys are wrong. I’m picking the second box. All the + does is move to wherever the arrow was in the previous box. The arrow goes middle, left, middle, right, middle – I don’t think it would go right again, and besides, nothing has ever been in the upper right hand corner, when the first box started with a + in the upper left. Box 2.

  25. julonk | Profile

    picture 3

  26. kakibble | Profile

    I believe it is the 4th one because the arrow is pointing in the down instead of up

  27. bcrox | Profile

    +sign in center and upward arrow in top right corner

  28. danguz74 | Profile

    I think is the 4th one but it is being shown upside down. The + sign must be in the middle since every other is in the middle. Leaving 2,3, or 4. The arrow never makes it past the middle of the box and always faces up. We can only go by the data shown. Going counter-clockwise is presuming that is the pattern and not using the pattern. Hence, the rotated 4th one works.

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