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2 Liebig Hidden Object Cards

After struggling with the scanner and Adobe Photoshop for 2 hours, I’ve finally managed to get these 2 beautiful Liebig Hidden Object Puzzle Cards up on the site. Made in the 1800s, Liebig cards are collectors items, valued for their high quality colored lithograph printing and design. To appreciate the detail, click on the images below to jump to high resolution.

For the 1st one, Where is Pierrot?

For the 2nd: Where are the 3 boys?

if you can figure these out, feel free to enter your answer into the comment section below. Answers to be revealed in about a day or 2. Thanks

19 Comments to “2 Liebig Hidden Object Cards”

  1. lyndaspix | Profile

    Pierrot is looking over the left shoulder of the lady in the red dress.

    The three boys are the ones dressed as girls.

  2. reesha | Profile

    For the 2nd

    two boys are beside the windmill on the right.
    the third boy is on the left tree.

  3. jason | Profile

    the first one is behind the lady in red (connected to he back of her head), and in the second picture, two boys are in the trees by the windmill, and one in the tree on the left

  4. desiredusername | Profile

    Pierrot is embedded in the neck of the lady in red.

    Boy 1: In the trees below the windmill.
    Boy 2: In the right side of the tree canopy.
    Boy 3: I want him to be in the clouds for balance, but it looks like he’s right behind Boy 1.

  5. carlhazlewood | Profile

    Pretty easy for the Liebig cards.

    1. To the right of the lady in the chair.

    2. Two boys’ faces are above the road on the right side of the picture. The other boy’s face is in the tree. Also, just to the right of the chimney is what looks like a strange face.

  6. sebbie3000 | Profile

    Can’t find Pierrot just yet – although my mind keeps telling me it’s something to do with the cane.

    But found the three boys straight away – two in the greenery just below and to the right of the windmill (both facing our left), and the third in the tree on the left hand side of the picture, in the lower right quadrant, facing over the viewer’s right shoulder.

  7. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    In picture #2, there is the face of one boy in the leaves of the tree to the left, and the faces of the other two are in the leaves between the windmill and the bridge.

  8. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    There also appears to be a leg and wooden shoe walking on the bridge.

  9. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    For picture #1, a pierrot is a clown, kind of looks like a sad harlequin.

    I can see a head with wild hair in the white panel above the seated couple, but it doesn’t look like a pierrot.

  10. Canuck | Profile

    Pierrot is in the looking glass, left hand pane. The three boys are in the foliage, two by the right margin, one in the tree on the left. Very good graphics for there age!

  11. Matt | Profile

    Pierrot is leaning over the shoulder of the woman in the red dress.

    One of the boys is in the tree, the other two are at the base of the windmill.

  12. falwan | Profile


    First one will follow soon.

  13. falwan | Profile

    It took a little while to upload, but here it is:


    Thank You.

  14. RK | Profile

    Thanks for the images, Falwan.

    Though it was kind of neat how the 1st one is ‘hidden in plain sight’

  15. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Yeah that is clown 1, but what about the one in white over the red hat, that its like wondering jajaja, there were two clowns I think

  16. nolimits | Profile

    2 in the bush to the right and 1 in the tree

  17. brye0909 | Profile

    Pierrot is kissing the lady with red neckband.

    Two boys on the lower right of windmill.
    One boy on tree on the left.

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