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Open Seas

Something is not right with this picture. Can you figure it out?

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24 Comments to “Open Seas”

  1. reesha | Profile

    1) Lifeboats located in the top floor away from the water.
    2) Anchor located in the rear of the ship.
    3) There are windows of nearby surface water.
    4) There is no proportionality between the size of those in the forefront of the ship and the size of the ship itself.
    5) The yardarm, or the yardarm without flag.

  2. jason | Profile

    they’re a little too close to shore

  3. sharhan | Profile

    1-windows down on the steel structure shouldn’t be there.

    2-life boats up on top should be down.

    3-anchor in the back should be in the front.

    4-steel towers in front of captain cabinet shouldn’t be blocking the site.

    That’s all I could think of…

  4. sharhan | Profile

    Oh!!..Chimnies are one too many…

  5. lennondogg | Profile

    Anchor should be in the front (bow).

  6. jay | Profile

    lifeboats should be located on the deck area and not way up there…

  7. theWizof6 | Profile

    No exhaust from the stacks.

    Steam or diesel powered, there should be smoke coming from the smokestacks while it is underway, especially since it appears to be an older ship.

  8. pieman | Profile

    the boat is backwards or there is no steam comming out of the two red pipes on top. those are my guesses.

  9. katiem | Profile

    The anchor is on the stern of the ship

  10. White Rabbit | Profile

    The anchor is at the wrong end of the ship.

  11. reesha | Profile

    The ship seemed far from the coast, however, we find birds flying over the ship.

  12. GIGS1890 | Profile

    Is it that the sea is churning at the wrong end of the boat, or not churning at all where it’s meant to?

    Either that, or it’s not moving at all, but you can see an anchor still up on the side of the boat

  13. legup2p | Profile

    anchor is just a little toooooooo far astern

  14. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    No smoke/steam from the stacks, even though the boat is moving through the water, as evidenced by the waves around the prow.

  15. desiredusername | Profile

    Spent a long time staring at this yesterday. Finally I looked at some previous ones to see what kind of thing I’m looking for.

    I don’t think this could be it, but is the anchor supposed to be in the front?

  16. ekphron | Profile

    anchor should be at the front of the ship

  17. RK | Profile

    The main answer we had in mind is the anchor is on the wrong side of the ship

    Regarding the life boats, windows on steel structure, check out this pic:

    some of the other items pointed out above are reasonable too, though

  18. zenitth | Profile

    funny…i thought it was that the picture incorporated parts of 3 different vessels: 1) masts for sails 2) smokestacks for cargo ships and 3) the upper decks of a cruise ship. i’m probably way off course, as usual……

  19. rathersane | Profile

    The perspective is wrong. The lighthouse on the shore should appear farther away than it does, not as a miniature that’s right next to the ship.

  20. betsystenklyft | Profile

    masts for sails….

  21. fastmaddy | Profile

    since it’s a steam ship, masts are not needed to propel the boat/ship.

  22. chillkills | Profile


  23. ZV | Profile

    No smoke from the ship’s engines.

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