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Slender Riddle

Just equal are my head and tail,

My middle slender as can be,

Whether I stand on head or heel,

‘Tis all the same to you or me.

But if my head should be cut off,

The matter’s true, although ’tis strange,

My head and body, severed thus,

Immediately to nothing change.


If you can figure this riddle out, feel free to enter your answer in the comment section below. Will unmask submissions in about a day, thanks.

15 Comments to “Slender Riddle”

  1. babybuntin | Profile

    Is he a worm?

  2. lograh | Profile

    The numeral 8. Looks the same no matter which side is up. If you cut at the middle, the top and bottom resemble the number zero.

  3. charity_quietbrook | Profile

    the answer is 8

  4. edithXcore | Profile

    methinks this be a worm

  5. Snafusofauq | Profile

    Is it a figure eight.

  6. pieman | Profile

    my first thought was a worm.

  7. antip22 | Profile

    I suspect it is a coin? when you cut it in half it’s no longer change?

  8. RK | Profile

    The answer I had in mind was 8, but coin is excellent too. Worm also works :)

  9. sven254 | Profile

    Could also be an Hourglass?

  10. kaligilbert3 | Profile

    worm was my first thought

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