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Stretch Puzzle

What do you think the original photograph portrays?

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Feel free to enter your answer below; as always, will wait about 24 hours before displaying so as to not spoil the fun. Thanks

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18 Comments to “Stretch Puzzle”

  1. Gray-T | Profile

    A black cat sitting next to a flower staring out the window, waiting.

  2. tumeke | Profile

    a cat and a pot plant?

  3. sven254 | Profile

    Carrots in a dish?

  4. da Moose | Profile

    A cat on a windowsill?

  5. zedbot69 | Profile

    is a cat sitting by a plant on a window sill

  6. jasc | Profile

    orange and granny smith on plate

  7. Hergonan | Profile

    Looks like a plate of vegetables, most likely a carrot!

  8. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    A potted plant on a windowsill.

  9. whiteyjosh | Profile

    cactus in a pot

  10. T | Profile

    Looks like a window sill. On the sill is a pot plant and I think a cat. Something is next to the cat. Maybe a squeeky toy or something? Could be a mouse.

    Bet I’m way off

  11. PEOPLEtellMEimWEIRD | Profile

    a plant sitting on a window-sill

  12. hamB | Profile

    Its a rabbit sitting next to a carrot in a dish. He’s taking a bite out of it.

    You can tell its not a cat by looking at the tail. Its rounded, like a bulb, similar to a rabbit. If its not a rabbit, then its a hare. If its not either of those, then….well theres nothing left to say.

    hamB FTW!!!

  13. tumeke | Profile

    hahaha ill buy that.

    im going with a cactus carrot on a dish on a window sil; next to a dark colored, furry, cat-like creature…

  14. tumeke | Profile

    hahaha yea ill buy that. put me down for a carrot/rabbit

    …actually that would make for a good stew, a little salt and pepper maybe some lemon juice, garlic, onion, tomatoes, {couple of chillies if you’re in to it}, maybe swap the rabbit for a braised roasted game duck, some fresh thyme, celery, …red wine.

  15. lbstone | Profile

    Definitely a cat next to a potted plant-cactus-thing. I don’t know how anyone could see a cat without cheating like I did:

  16. karlaanne | Profile

    bananas, on a hanger maybe

  17. RK | Profile

    Pretty cool, Ibstone- didn’t think anyone could pull that off :)

  18. sir ichy | Profile

    i think this.

    window,some fishes in aquarium or jar on a plate and near it a cat.

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