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“Where is he…” Hidden Object Card

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It’s been several months since we saw the last antique French puzzle card, so figured I’d bring another out.

Thanks to slavco23 for providing the translation: “Where is he, that who says that I’m a bad cater, me, the first prize winner in the whip contest!… Come on, where is he?”

9 Comments to ““Where is he…” Hidden Object Card”

  1. slavco23 | Profile

    I believe it’s translated like:

    “Where is he, that who says that I’m a bad cater, me, the first prize winner in the whip contest!… Come on, where is he?”

  2. slavco23 | Profile

    I believe I see the face of a guy right at the end of the whip, where it meets with the plants above the wall.

  3. Gray-T | Profile

    @ slavco23: Turn your head to the right and you will see.
    the outline of the whip is the profile of a girl with curley hair, see it?
    so he is a she… Reminds me of a girl I met last summer… strange…

  4. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    its the whip, the only strange thing about the girl, is that it has no legs and the line at the left end never ends, so she is really 100 % fit and without legs WoW

  5. Bou Don Carriate | Profile

    i belive it is translated like this, since i am french i should know:

    “Or is he one who says I’m a bad charreteir I, the Premiere prize whip! … see, or is it”

    and the face is near the barrel in dotted lines like this —– its a man with a beard its easy

  6. RK | Founder | Profile

    Bou Don Carriate: thanks. If you can stick around, next week I’ll put up another one like this, maybe you can help with the translation, thanks!

  7. cocoawatwat | Profile

    wat barrel Bon Don Carriate are you talkin about? anyways it could be the dog since he looks like he is trying to say something :)

  8. Hendy | Profile

    Two questions:
    1) What is a “cater”? Cater is a verb in English. Does slavco23 mean caterer?
    2) What is a “charreteir”? Merriam-Webster does not recognize it. The French Wiktionnaire provides “charretier”, but it is in French, so that doesn’t help. Wiktionary does not yet have an entry for charretier. Apparently charrete is a root word: cart; urgent job, vital piece of work. So it stands to reason that a charretier is a person who is a carter (?) or one who has an urgent job or vital work. Or in English we could say cart boy or mailroom clerk or something of that nature. If we are looking for a person with an important, urgent, vital job that would be a pay clerk! :0P

    I guess we need someone who reads and writes both English and French very well.

  9. sabitmaulana | Profile

    gooooooooooooooooglee translate?

    in google translate say like this ”where is he the one who says I’m a poor carter, me, the first prize of the whip! come on where is he?

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