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Matrix Puzzle- Triangles & Rectangles

Haven’t done one of these in a while;

Which figure (a), (b), (c), (d) best completes the matrix?


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[Answers to be unmasked in a day or 2]

43 Comments to “Matrix Puzzle- Triangles & Rectangles”

  1. lookingforchallenge | Profile


  2. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think its D the answer.

    Every row has a different inner figure in black, empty and with lines.
    The outer figure moves backwards.

  3. falwan | Profile

    Would have to say c.

  4. katiem | Profile

    (3 of each figure )

  5. deejam | Profile

    Answer: (d)

  6. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    There are 3 rectangles, 3 circles, and 2 triangles, so we can assume that the missing large shape is a triangle.

    Each large shape contains the same type of inner shape (circles contain triangles, rectangles contain circles), so we can assume that the missing shape triangle contains a rectangle.

    Each large circle contains a differently-shaded inner shape (open, shaded, black), but the large rectangles do not follow this pattern, so the missing shape does not need to do so.

    There are 3 black inner shapes, 3 shaded inner shapes, and 2 open inner shapes showing, so we can assume that the missing shape has an open inner shape.

    Answer: d

  7. RK | Profile

    This one was a little tricky too; we had D as the best answer, as Shawn desribes

  8. jestercow | Profile

    Going both left to right, and top to bottom, the shape pattern – triangle, rectangle, circle – is visible in both large and small shapes. Therefore the outer shape would be triangle, and inner shape would be rectangle. The inner shading follows a visible diagonal pettern. I would have to say the answer is (C).

  9. TopSmart | Profile

    Let me announce the correct answer: D,

  10. OfTranquilRain | Profile

    Each row fulfills the 3 types of filling for the smaller object as well, if the object were to be D.

  11. MGmaciek | Profile

    I have to say its B (I’m the only one :O), the shape pattern in vertical and horizontal is perfect with B – not the shading though :( Answer C fits the diagonal shape pattern (facing to the right not sure about left) but completely violates the horizontal and vertical pattern. So My Guess goes with B

  12. Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    I say it’s D, final answer ;-} Follows shaded,open,solid pattern. My fiance thinks it’s C muahaha.

  13. changwang0 | Profile

    the answer is C. If you were to put the same picture in a 9×9 grid. Meaning this whole thing x9 stacked on top and around each other. Then you can notice that diagonally down and left it is the same type of object all across. While diagonally down right you will notice the same pattern. Therefore C follows both there rules.

  14. changwang0 | Profile

    oh ya and to add, i noticed down right it goes no fill, no fill, black, no fill, no fill, black. This does not change the answer from being c

  15. redpoppy | Profile

    I think it is (c)

  16. shoaib | Profile

    d is the fig. which comletes the matrix

  17. lifetear | Profile

    Answer is “d”

  18. someone1994 | Profile

    When looking at the shapes only, there are 3 of each kind so the answer is either c or d. When only looking at the colors of the inner shapes, there are no inner shapes having another inner shape to the left right above or below with the same color wich rules out d.
    c is the answer

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