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  1. Hidden Object, Where is the Officer?

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    The little boy walking near the soldier has something that looks like the officers legs.

  2. Square of the Primes

    MFox | Profile

    (11^2)^2 = 14641, which is a palindrome, so reverse it and take two square roots to get back to 11.

  3. Find the Fault, DRESS-UP

    FALAH | Profile

    the left and the right hands are difrent in the merror

  4. One Question IQ Test

    One Question IQ Test | Guest

    […] Image Source : […]

  5. Untouchable 11, Master Challenge!

    Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    This one was a little harder, the solution was tricky for sure! As always not going to reveal any solutions for these, it’s just to satisfying to do these by hand and see the solution with a big rush of relief. I wouldn’t rob anyone of the challenge.

  6. Untouchable 11: An online visual-spatial puzzle contest

    Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    The solution to the 144 cell challenge was very surprising, now to see Carl’s master challenge! =-)

  7. CellCraft

    Untouchable 11: An online visual-spatial puzzle contest | Smart-Kit Puzzles and Games | Guest

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  8. Green Triangles with Some Math

    hamidarabi | Profile

    6+2+?+3 = 20






  9. A Company Plant

    A Gift of a Word Puzzle | Smart-Kit Puzzles and Games | Guest

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  10. 9 Boxes

    someone1994 | Profile

    C, highest row 4 black + 8 red middle row 6 black + 6 red lowest row probably 8 black + 4 red
    left column 4 black + 8 red middle column 6 black + 6 red right column probably 8 black + 4 red
    diagonal1 6+6 diagonal2 6+6

  11. Matrix Puzzle- Triangles & Rectangles

    someone1994 | Profile

    When looking at the shapes only, there are 3 of each kind so the answer is either c or d. When only looking at the colors of the inner shapes, there are no inner shapes having another inner shape to the left right above or below with the same color wich rules out d.
    c is the answer

  12. Free Download IMO for PC – Install on Windows (7/8.1/10) Laptop

    The Man in the Coffee Beans | Smart-Kit Puzzles and Games | Guest

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  13. Identical Cars

    andy75043 | Profile

    Obiwan, the point of having different roads is that they won’t have a head-on collision half way around. I don’t think sphericity would matter, since both cars would have essentially the same handicap on average. I like your point about tidal forces, though; having one of the cars stay under the moon would definitely be both feasible and significant.

  14. Hidden Object, Where is the Officer?

    engjs1960 | Profile

    Facing right, the dark patch looks like a peaked cap. But I think it’s just Pareidolia. :-)