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  1. Impossible Math: Very Hard Puzzle

    suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    I think it would make more sense like this:

    IIIIX – IX = III
    IX- X I
    XL-L = X

    IIIIX you got SIX, because in the other explanation you do not use ROMAN NUMERALS to describe 6.

    Cool man.

  2. Fluent in Chinese?

    and.queiroz | Profile

    wow that one great, but i could see in the same second. maybe my brain its already trained.

  3. Lateral Thinking Puzzle, THE BOTTLE OF BEER

    and.queiroz | Profile

    by the way that is a old, good and mostly really fast way do get drunk. be carefull.

  4. Lateral Thinking Puzzle, THE BOTTLE OF BEER

    and.queiroz | Profile

    Drinking beer with a straw and pulling the carpet after the bottle is empty.

  5. Frog Jumping Puzzle

    Guild Wars 2: Metrica Province Jumping Puzzle P1 | Guest

    […] pretty awesome jumping puzzle up in the sky, was joined by […]

  6. Isosceles, a geometry puzzle

    wizzle2006 | Profile

    Does anyone want to explain how to solve this please!???!(:

  7. Magic Links

    ??????No.??????????? | | Guest

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  8. Magic Links

    ????????????N?o?.?1?????? | ????? | Guest

    […] 12: ?????????? 2015/01/31(?)14:31:52 ID:5Vy ??????????????? […]

  9. Speed and Distance Puzzle, Track Race

    swejhammer | Profile

    Oh, I see now… I thought you were all daft ;)
    Turns out the puzzle is just worded strangely. What you call “overtake” I would call “lap”.

    When would the dog lap the man? Assuming they start together, the dog immediately overtakes the man and is in the lead. At 6 minutes when the man is finishing his first lap, the dog is already 1/2 around his second lap. At 12 the man has completed 2 laps and the dog is finishing his 3rd. The dog laps the man when he overtakes him for the second time.

  10. Speed and Distance Puzzle, Track Race

    swejhammer | Profile

    12 minutes?? That answer doesn’t make any sense.
    If the dog runs a lap in 4 minutes it is going to overtake the man before the man can finish his lap (in 6 min). The puzzle doesn’t say when they start, so we assume they start together. If so,the dog will immediately pull ahead and be ahead the entire race.

  11. Find the Fault: Old Desk

    blazingflower234 | Profile

    There is no such thing as “June 31.”

  12. Cartoon Birds!

    blazingflower234 | Profile

    The only one I solve is the 2nd one: Bib Grid = Big Bird.

  13. Powerful words by Carl Sagan

    nerd candy. | | Guest

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  14. Come Solve the Show

    gioco per il dì di festa: Come Solve the Show | Notiziole di .mau. | Guest

    […] Come Solve the Show, creato da Plexus (ma io l’ho trovato su Smart-Kit) è un “semplice” puzzle. Nulla di troppo complicato, una volta scoperto che i pezzi si ruotano con le frecce (oppure con A e D), però qualche minuto di divertimento te lo dà. (ah, sì: ti salva – immagino via cookie – il punto in cui sei arrivato, quindi puoi anche fermarti un attimo) […]

  15. Balance the scale puzzle

    Barks | Profile

    Super easy to do algebraically.

    g = green ball
    r = red ball
    b = blue ball
    o = orange ball

    Assuming weight remains constant:

    (1st scale) 2g + 2r = 2b

    ? g + r = b

    (2nd scale) 6g + 2r = 4b + o

    ? 4g = 2b + o (remember b = r + g)

    (3rd scale) 5g + r = ?? (will come back to this!)

    So if we substitute our own numbers for g and r we get b, which we can then use to get o.

    so, for (1): g + r = b

    g = 7
    r = 3
    b = 10

    So now that we have a value for b:

    (2) 4g = 2b + o

    : 4 x 7 = (2 x 10) + o
    28 = 20 + o
    : 28-20 = 20 – 20 + o
    ? 8 = o

    So now we have 4 numbers which fit into the equation.

    Green (g) = 7
    Red (r) = 3
    Blue (b) = 10
    Orange (o) = 8


    (3) 5g + r = 5 x 7 + 1 x 3
    5g + r = 38

    38/b = 38/10 = 3 remainder 8 **

    8/o = 8/8 = 1

    ? the answer is 3 blue balls and 1 orange ball.

    ** if only blue balls may be used, the answer is 3.80 blue balls (38/10 = 3 8/10)

  16. Monday Morning Warm up

    danguz74 | Profile

    I think is the 4th one but it is being shown upside down. The + sign must be in the middle since every other is in the middle. Leaving 2,3, or 4. The arrow never makes it past the middle of the box and always faces up. We can only go by the data shown. Going counter-clockwise is presuming that is the pattern and not using the pattern. Hence, the rotated 4th one works.

  17. CellCraft

    November 4 | Class 87's Website | Guest

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